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    WorldCard HD app for iPad

    What all features are included in the WorldCard HD app for iPad? How this app becomes a business friendly feature?

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    Re: WorldCard HD app for iPad

    WorldCard HD for iPad is one of the best apps out for business people. This business card scanning application lets users scan the business card and can save it in your iPad. This app has the flexibility of transforming your iPad into an intelligent Customer Relationship Manager. This app blends a powerful search tool and an easy-to-use interface. Each business card can be represented in the form of records in tables making it easy to handle. So the required information can be accessed in just a few seconds. This app can be accessed from iTunes by spending not more than Rs.1000/-.

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    Smile Re: WorldCard HD app for iPad

    it is one of the best application.this application has flexibility of transforming your ipad into intelligent relation customer relationship manager.
    this blends a powerfull search tool and easy to use interface.
    it can be access from itunes by spending 1000/-.

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    Re: WorldCard HD app for iPad

    The WorldCard HD is the Best Customer Management App which comes under top 10 apps and which is very helpful for the bussiness peoples.It is the bets Business Card Management app which is compatible with the new iPad.The Worldcard HD scans all the information of the business card of individual and categorize it accordingly.The best thing about this app is it is compaitable with the new ipad and it scans all the required information in very less time.You can buy and download it from the app store.

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    Re: WorldCard HD app for iPad

    It is the iPad version of the business card scanning application. Each business card is represented as a record in a special table with entries such as name, address, company name and others. So, its so easy to handle and the database is clean and fast loading.

    >> High accuracy of recognition
    >> Option to scan and recognize large numbers of cards at a time.
    >> Contacts can be saved as groups.
    >> Direct email sending feature.
    >> Facebook, twitter searching and indexing.

    • Version: 1.2.3
    • Size: 20.1 MB
    Download here:

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    Smile Re: WorldCard HD app for iPad


    :: ::Features of WORLDCARD HD Apps in iPad:: ::

    ::Allows Scan & Recognize Large No of Cards at a Time::

    ::Manage your Cards thus Saving your Time Effectively::

    ::With Single Touch always get connected with your Contacts::

    ::Easy Share & Back Up::

    ::Exchange, Import, Export of Data is made Easy::

    _:_The Above Features made it to Stand Top & Best Apps than other in Market_:_

    ::* SCREEN SHOTS *::

    WorldCard HD - the Intelligent Business Card Manager_0.jpg mza_8686378436581039971.480x480-75.jpg mza_7028860416347767578.480x480-75.jpg mza_8633851082530161234.480x480-75.jpg mza_6910664089098222224.480x480-75.jpg mza_158272202119815021.480x480-75.jpg

    !Watch Out The Video Below!


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    Re: WorldCard HD app for iPad

    WorldCard HD app for iPad:-
    This app is mostly designed for business users.
    It is provided with business card scanning option.
    Powerful searching tool & cool user interface.
    This app converts the iPad to a customer relationship manager.
    You can access with this app from iTunes.
    It costs around one thousand rupees.

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    Re: WorldCard HD app for iPad

    WorldCard HD app

    >> Best professional app

    >> With the help of this app user can scan the business card which can be saved into iPad

    >> Ipad can be converted into an intelligent Customer Relationship Manager with this app

    >> Easy User Interface

    >> Search tools provided in this app is also powerful in this app

    >> All the business card is kept as records in table manner which makes easy for the user to access them.

    >> It will cost you around INR 1000 only

    >> You can download and install application from App Store

    >> Or else you can refer to the below mentioned link


    >> Reboot your device once installed

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    Re: WorldCard HD app for iPad

    Business people have a lot of advantages with this app

    By using this app u can scan your Business card

    this app converts the iPad in to Customer relationship manager.. This also provides cool features.. this app has a good user friendly interface.

    You can access it from the iTunes which costs not more than 500-800 rs

    This app scans the Business card and note down the matter in the form of tables

    By this we can easily search the things...

    hope this is useful to u

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