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    Wireless Keyboard Shortcuts failed in iPad3

    I have connected a wireless keyboard to my iPad3 recently. Everything else is working fine but the shortcuts are not working. How to make them work?

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    nebula Array
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    Re: Wireless Keyboard Shortcuts failed in iPad3

    Reconfigure the Wireless keyboard connection from Scratch. If the Connection is not stable then these kind of problems will occur so better make sure that the Device and keyboard are paired properly and they are having a proper internet connection on the same network.

    After that you can use the key board well, if that is not functioning well better pair it with another device and check for any defects in the Key board.

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    kranthi Array
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    Re: Wireless Keyboard Shortcuts failed in iPad3

    You can see the wireless keyboard using the ipad and the process to install the wireless key board is to connect USB to it and then go to the process of Messaging and Shortcuts of the wireless keyboard.So the Usb must be properly installed in your ipad.

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