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    Wifi stops working after 30 minutes in iPad Mini

    I have an iPad mini which normally works fine but i am facing some issues with its Wifi. Its wifi starts working but after 30 minutes, it stops and leaves the connection. Do you have any idea,what's going on?

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    Re: Wifi stops working after 30 minutes in iPad Mini

    Yes the Wifi settings must be checked for this type of connection problems,You can easily solve this type of issues so here are the steps :
    You must go to the Menu tab and then tap on the Wi-fi settings so that you can see the screen that appeared in the next window.
    Then choose the options button so that you can find the different settings there.
    As you choose the Wi-fi settings then you can choose for how many minutes the current connection should last.
    So then you will be able to get the connection lasts for many minutes there you can choose unlimited so that your connection will never be lost.

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    Re: Wifi stops working after 30 minutes in iPad Mini

    Hello sir.

    I think that you are facing the current problem is due to the fact that incorrect setting off wi fi. so i am suggested to you is that you are turn off automatic mode ans set the manually setting. For this you have simply follow some of the steps:::::::::::::::>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    ** First of all go to the main menu

    ** Then go to the setting

    ** Then go to the wireless connection

    ** Then tap on the wi fi

    ** Now turn on the wi fi

    ** After that delete the current setting

    ** Now update the all new setting

    ** After that restart your device

    ** Now search the network and connect the wi fi

    All the best

    Thank you

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