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    Why apps getting crashed after downloading them from app store on my iPad 4

    Hi all, somehow this is very frustrating issue which I am having now, please help me solve this. Whenever I go to app store and try to download an app from here on my iPad, a message box suddenly has taken places after app downloads which says “It is recommend that you restart your device after installing of new application to prevent it from crashing”, and downloaded app crashed at all. Where is the issue? Please tell me how can I prevent downloaded app from crashing?

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    Re: Why apps getting crashed after downloading them from app store on my iPad 4

    Hi friend,

    There are many reasons if apps getting crashed after downloading them from app store to ipad 4 device. Some of the reasons behind this are

    ---> Due to cache memory of the ipad 4 device is completely full.

    ---> Due to presence of virus files in your ipad 4 and you facing this crash issue.

    ---> Due to ipad 4 device is not updated to new updates since a long time.

    ---> Due to your operated more tasks at a time while downloading apps from app store.

    +++ Steps to follow to resolve the apps crash issue after downloading from app store in ipad 4 device :

    1. First of all clear the cache memory of the ipad 4 to avoid the crash and freeze issue.

    2. If virus files causing this crash issue then remove the virus files using the antivirus apps.

    3. Once reset the ipad 4 device and download the apps again.

    4. Always use the single task at a time to avoid crash problem.

    That's it..

    Thank you..................

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