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    Why is the App store not sending update notifications on my iPad?

    I have an iPad updated to IOS 4.3 version. Earlier I used to get updates from the App store regarding latest apps and also upgrades on apps. Lately, I haven’t been receiving them and have to open the App store to know about them. Why is the App store not sending the notifications?

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    Re: Why is the App store not sending update notifications on my iPad?

    You had been having the opportunity to get the notifications from App store in your iPad when you were on the IOS 4.2.2 version. The IOS version 4.2.2 supports this. But on up gradation to the 4.3 version you have lost the opportunity as Apple have decided to disable this privilege. Hence you would not be able to get this on your iPad again. In the earlier versions the App store had the icon topped with a red circle with the update numbers in it. But since the release of the new version and its subsequent update, iPad users have been denied this opportunity. You can know about the updates by opening the App store and going through it.

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    Re: Why is the App store not sending update notifications on my iPad?


    // Solution for fixing the apps store notification issue //
    Try some basic troubleshoot:-

    -> Try to clear the all cache file of apple apps store.

    -> Log out from the store and restart the i Pad then log in again into store.

    -> Update the apple apps store,this will fix the apps issue.

    -> Reinstall the apps store apps.

    -> Other than hard reset the device.


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