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    What are the features of iMailG app available for iPad in App Store?

    As I am not satisfied with the performance of mail app in my iPad, I switched into an alternative mail app in App Store named ‘Gmail’. But, I didn’t like that app too. At that time, my brother suggested me about iMailG app. Can anyone give the features of this app?

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    Re: What are the features of iMailG app available for iPad in App Store?

    The main feature of this app is the super fast loading of mails and multiple account switching. The speed and efficiency won’t degrade much if it needs to handle large amount of e-mails. It can save e-mail attachments to other apps and open links in Safari or Google Chrome. Anti-phishing facility is another useful feature of this app. You need not use follow external links for recognizing phishing as it can show undisguised full link. This app can provide almost all features in ‘Gmail’ app like instant Push notifications, manage Google Contacts, find all mails of current sender etc. The other features include placing badges for unread mails, searching text in mail and highlighting it, adding text snippets and HTML signatures into mails, passcode protection etc. There are many custom feature provided by this app like customizable shortcuts for searching internally as well as external links, customizable shake gestures, support for custom apps domain. It has smart rotation lock like iPad mail app. With this app, you can import or export settings through clipboard.

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    Re: What are the features of iMailG app available for iPad in App Store?

    * The features of iMailG app for ipad is given below for you...!!

    * It is a good gmail app for ipad...!

    * It has the features like news, docs, photos, finance, reader, calendar, map, task, map, translate,etc..!

    * It provides high speed loading of mails and multiple switching feature...!

    * It is designed to handle huge amount of mails with ease and efficiency....!!!

    * You can import or export settings via clipboard..!

    * You can also add, delete and merge google contacts easily.....

    * It has the feature of push notification for new mails, badge for unread mails,....!!

    * It helps to airprint webpages, open links as well as to save them apps or albums...!

    * You can use password proctection and customisable shortcut feature in it..!!

    * It can be downloaded from the AppStore at https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/imai...328800112?mt=8

    * Hope it has helped you..!

    * Feel free to drop in more ipad related querries here.... We are here to help you.....!!!

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