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    What to do to improve Screen Touch Sensitivity on iPad3 tab?

    The Screen Touch Sensitivity on my iPad3 tablet is seen as too poor these days and I am finding it very difficult to carry out the normal device actions. What are the suggestions to be checked to improve screen touch sensitivity?

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    Re: What to do to improve Screen Touch Sensitivity on iPad3 tab?

    Hi friend,

    You can easily improve the touch screen sensitivity of ipad 3 tab.For increasing you need to follow the below mentioned tips.

    +++ Steps to follow to improve the screen touch sensitivity on ipad 3 tab :

    1. Update the ipad 3 frimware because it will also update the touch screen settings.

    2. Remove the water on ipad 3 touch screen because it will reduce the sensitivity power.

    3. If sensitivity totally lost then change the touch screen.

    4. Reset the ipad 3 tab to get the touch screen sensitivity.

    5. Install the touch screen sensitivity increasing applications or boosters.

    6. Clean the dust to increase the sensitivity.

    Even if not then contact the ipad 3 technician and resolve the sensitivity issue.

    Thank you...................

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