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    What is the best way to present a PDF document in iPad?

    I am an iPad user and I want to make a presentation in my iPad using PDF file as slick as possible. I would like to use the interface such as the native photo application on the iPad. But my problem I don’t like to use the default which comes with the iPad. Can anyone advice me any alternative reader for me to use in my iPad?

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    Re: What is the best way to present a PDF document in iPad?

    The PDFs usually contains a bunch of information, graphics, etc which suitable for a design team in any company. The presentation requires zoom in and out of pages in the PDF document so it will be convenient if you convert it to an image file. You can choose Good Reader and Drop Box both works well with the PDF documents. If you want to highlight, comment or markup in the document you can use iAnnotate. iAnnotate is capable of reading PDF documents which work relatively well in the iPad with the features mentioned above. By using these, the PDF document will act as a power point presentation which makes the presentation bit more slick.

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    Re: What is the best way to present a PDF document in iPad?


    Presentation of any document is mainly depends upon:

    :: Its Design.
    :: Graphics of document.
    :: Highlight the main point in any color.
    :: Letter design.
    :: And the relevant data.
    :: And and the apps feature that you use for showing the presentation like Zoom shortcut,

    For these you can use the best i Annotate apps which is especially design for i OS device.

    i Annotate PDF's intuitive interface and comprehensive, customizable

    It have lots of feature like pen, highlighter, typewriter, stamps, notes, underline, strike-through,
    photo, voice recording, and date stamp functions.


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