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    Volume improvisation in iPad

    How can I improve volume in my iPad3? Where is the option to adjust the volume?

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    nebula Array
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    Re: Volume improvisation in iPad

    You have "volume up and volume down" at the top of the Ipad. You can simply use that buttons and make any changes you wanted to do for the volume. Else the Simple method is Tap your Settings icon.--> Tap General --> Tap Sounds --> Tap any of the switches to turn ON or OFF the sound.

    To use the Volume buttons on the side of the iPad to adjust your alert volume, just move the toggle under Change with Buttons to the ON position.

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    ashwak84 Array
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    Re: Volume improvisation in iPad

    Steps to improve improvisation in ipad:
    Launch settings.
    Touch general>sounds.
    Tap on it.
    Then improve the volume.

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    arunwillbe1 Array
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    Re: Volume improvisation in iPad

    Hi friend,

    For volume improvisation you need to follow some instructions.You can hear the better volume in many

    By using the high quality music files.If you download the less quality audio or video files you will listen the noise instead of music.

    For improving the voice in your ipad follow the below instructions

    ---> Tap the home button for home screen.

    ---> Now tap the settings from your home screen.

    ---> Here you will see the option general.So,tap this.

    ---> Again scroll and tap the sound settings here.

    ---> Slide your finger right for increasing the sound or slide you finger to left for decreasing the sound.

    In this way you can improve the volume improvisation in your ipad.

    Thank you.............

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    Re: Volume improvisation in iPad

    Volume improvisation depends on two things...

    Increase of volume and boost up volume...

    Just follow these simple steps:

    -->Go to home screen of your device..

    -->Tap on setting..

    -->Go to general..

    -->Under general goto sound option..

    Tap and drag the slider to the right to increase the volume or to the left to lower it...


    Above said procedure is used for increasing in volume..

    To boost up volume follow these videos..

    <span style="color:#ff0000;"><strong>

    Thats it..

    I think these things"ll help you to solve your problems..

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    chowdary Array
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    Re: Volume improvisation in iPad

    Volume improvisation in iPad is a very easy process.

    The steps to be followed are:

    1) First go to " Home Screen "

    2) Then tap on "Settings"

    3) Then select " General " settings

    4) Then select " Sound Settings "

    5) In that slide your right finger to increase the settings

    Thus u can get volume improvisation in iPad.

    hope it helps u.

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    sumitnath Array
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    Re: Volume improvisation in iPad

    Hi friends.....

    Volume improvisation in iPad

    Follow the steps below--

    -->Open the home page from the device.

    -->Click the menu option.

    -->Select the setting option.

    -->Go to the general option.

    -->Select the sound option .

    -->Then click on it & see the volume option.

    -->Then set the volume as your choice .

    -->Save the setting & solve the matter.

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    rkv Array
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    Re: Volume improvisation in iPad

    dear friend
    it not big problem so please try these step
    First of all go to' home screen
    And then tap on the' setting
    And then select the' general setting
    And then select Sound setting
    in the slide your right finger to increase the setting
    i hope your problem will be solved by any issue,,,,,,,,,,

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