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    Volume bars became invisible on iPad 3 after iOS 6.1.4 update

    I am a user of iPad 3. The volume and other stuff was all well. But after I installed iOS 6.1.4 update on this I saw that the volume bars were invisible and thus I was shocked to see that. i am now not able to adjust the volume due to invisible volume bar issue. Please provide some guidance.

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    Re: Volume bars became invisible on iPad 3 after iOS 6.1.4 update

    Here are some simple steps to make it fix
    -> Close all your apps and reboot the device
    -> Then check your volume bars it may be visible
    -> If the problem is still not fixed then Reset your device by using Factory Setting
    -> Reinstall your ios updates again
    -> This will Fix your problem of volume invisible
    -> Go on Good luck

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