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    Viber app can’t access the contacts on iPad 2 upgraded to IOS 6

    Even though I have successfully set up Viber app on my iPad 2 running on IOS 6, the app can’t connect any of the contacts in it. I went to privacy settings on my iPad and set the Viber under ‘Contact’ option to ‘ON’ mode. Still, I am not able to access any contacts through Viber app. How can I fix up this issue?

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    Re: Viber app can’t access the contacts on iPad 2 upgraded to IOS 6

    The Viber application is used to access the contacts of your dear ones where ever you are,and you can send them pictures and messages at any time if you have sufficient internet balance.SO after upgrading the software to IOS6 then follow these steps to get viber :
    1.You have to adjust the software settings update in the settings menu.
    2.Then download the viber software until you get the complete download in to your IOS6.
    3.Then after going through the download then install in the system in order to get the complete applications.
    4.After installation sign in with your account so that it will be very easy for you to get.

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