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    Using iPad 2 as a hot spot

    Is it possible to use iPad 2 as a hot spot? Please let me know the possibilities for the same.

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    Re: Using iPad 2 as a hot spot

    To set up a hot spot on your iPad, start by opening Settings and navigating to
    1. General
    2. Network.

    You can then set up your personal hot spot by tapping on the giant setup button,
    which will check with your carrier to see if the feature is supported, and if it is,
    allow you to turn the hot spot on. You may notice when you originally launched
    Settings. the Personal Hotspot feature was not listed as a menu item, but after
    enabling it through the Network panel

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    Wink Re: Using iPad 2 as a hot spot

    ()()() HI ()()()

    ()() Follow the steps to do it ()()

    ()_() Go to settings->General->Network ()_()

    Now tap on 'setup personal Hotspot' to set your hotspot then it will turn ON if the feature is supported ()_()

    You can choose option by using Wi-Fi,bluetooth, or USB and you can make your own password too ()_()

    Your ipad will turn blue and will shows the devices connected to it when the hotspot is turned On ()_()

    1_iPad_Personal_Hotspot_540x408.jpg 2_iPad_Personal_Hotspot_2_540x408.jpg 3_iPad_Personal_Hotspot_540x408.jpg

    ()() Watch the video below ()()

    ()()() Thank you ()()()

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    Re: Using iPad 2 as a hot spot

    mywi is a popular application that allows into mobile hotspot.
    You have to use carrier data plan with the press of a finger.

    This has many features:
    MyWi application makes your i-pad faster,low battery consumption and many more features.
    It creates a wifi hotspot to connect multiple laptops or mobile devices and you can your i-pad internet connection.
    So you can use your i-pad as hot spot if you have this application

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    Re: Using iPad 2 as a hot spot

    Hi friend,

    The hotspot in ipad is very popular feature.You can set this hotspot feature manually.

    ---> Go to the """ home screen """ in our ipad.

    ---> Now tap the """ settings """ from home screen.

    ---> In settings you will find the """ general """.So,tap this general option.

    ---> In general option again tap the """ network """.

    ---> In network select and tap the """ Personal hotspot """.

    ---> In personal hotspot again select and tap the wifi or bluetooth.

    That's it your hotspot is setted in ipad.

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