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    Using Camera Connection Kit with iPad 3

    Even though I have bought Camera Connection Kit for my iPad 3, I donít know how to use it with the iPad. I want to connect both camera and SD card with my iPad. What should I do to import photos using this kit?

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    Re: Using Camera Connection Kit with iPad 3

    You can find two pieces with Camera Connection Kit like SD Card adapter and USB adapter. In the former piece, you can view the space to insert the card where as a pin can be found in the other piece. Connect the USB cable attached to the camera with the USB adapter. Then, plug in that adapter to your iPad for importing the photos. You can simply insert the SD Card and connect the SD Card adapter with your iPad. Once you connect either of the adapters, launch the ‘Photos’ app on your iPad and check whether all the photos are appears as thumbnails. By tapping the ‘Import All’ button located on the upper right corner of the screen, you can transfer the pictures from camera or SD Card to iPad. If you find a spinning circle over the pictures, then it means that the photos are currently importing and green check mark indicate that the photos are already imported successfully. Once you finish importing photos, you will be asked whether to keep or delete the imported photos from camera/SD card. Tap the ‘Keep’ button if you want to transfer the pictures to your PC later. Otherwise, you can hit the ‘Delete’ button so that the Camera tab will show the message saying ‘no photos to import’.

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    Re: Using Camera Connection Kit with iPad 3

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