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    Unable to watch youTube videos after an iOS 6 update

    I am an iPad user.I was using an older version of an iOS and it was working fine.I was able to play youtube videos without any issue.Now i am not able to watch the same videos.When i go to YouTube website,it asks me to install adobe flash player but i don't think that there is any compatible flash player.What to do now?

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    Re: Unable to watch youTube videos after an iOS 6 update

    Hi friend,

    You are unable to watch you tube videos because after updating you lost the flash player application from ios 6.So,you can resolve this issue by using the built flash browser or by installing the flash application again.Follow the below instructions to install the flash player to ios 6.

    ---> First of all tap the ios 6 home screen.

    ---> Now download or transfer the flash player application to ios 6.

    ---> After done locate the application where it is stored.

    ---> Now double tap on it for installation.

    ---> Wait until the installation process will complete.

    ---> In installation process accept the terms and conditions.

    ---> Finally press the finish button.

    After completing the installation process restart the ios 6 and check the you tube videos working or not.If not once try from built in flash support browser.

    Thank you..................

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