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    Unable to set Air Plane mode on iOS6 supported iPad3 tablet

    I need to set air plane mode on my iOS6 supported iPad3 tablet as I am planning for a trip overseas next week. But I am not able to set it and the device remains unresponsive. What can I do to fix up the problem?

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    Re: Unable to set Air Plane mode on iOS6 supported iPad3 tablet

    You can for a reset of the iOS6 supported iPad3 tablet to get a solution. For that first check to see the menu and sleep/wake buttons. After that you can tap and hold the buttons for some time, say a few seconds. In between the press, you can see a red slider which you should not be considered. You can still press the buttons for some more time. By now, you will see an Apple logo getting shown on the screen. Now you are supposed to stop pressing and leave the fingers. This is the method by which resetting of the device is performed. Now you can try setting the airplane mode without any issue.

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