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    Unable to download JPEG files from SD card into iPad 4 using card reader

    When I try to use my newly bought card reader with my iPad 4 to download JPEG files from SD card, I keep getting the message “no picture files”. There is no problem in downloading other picture files. In what way can I fix up this issue?

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    Re: Unable to download JPEG files from SD card into iPad 4 using card reader

    Hi friend,

    If you can transfer the JPEG files from SD card into ipad 2 then follow the below another method to transfer

    +++ Steps to transfer the JPEG files from SD card into ipad 4 :

    1. First of all insert the SD card into your computer.

    2. After recognizing tap the SD card in PC and locate the JPEG files.

    3. After locating select the JPEG files and transfer to your PC.

    4. Now connect the ipad 4 to your computer.

    5. After recognizing the ipad 4 locate the JPEG files and select it.

    6. Now tap the options.And select the send option.

    7. In send options choose the ipad 4 and conform the transfer.

    After successfully transfer check the JPEG files in your ipad 4 and disconnect both devices.

    Thank you..................

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    Re: Unable to download JPEG files from SD card into iPad 4 using card reader

    I have the same issue and I don't think anyone is understanding the situation. The point of a photographer using an SD card reader on the iPad is so they can view the images in the field, AWAY from their computer. This is a critical need for a photographer, especially a journalist like myself with VERY tight press deadlines. There is NO WAY I could make it home to view the images on my desktop system after transferring the images through iTunes. I would miss every single deadline by hours. There are also PLENTY of times when I am on location thousands of miles from my desktop computer. This is the whole point of having the SD card reader for the iPad. It could be invaluable for a photographer, but so far, I haven't been able to get it to work. This is the issue:

    the card: 64GB SanDisk Ultra high speed SDXC card
    the iPad: 4th generation retina with SD card reader (lightning port to SD card)

    originally, the card wouldn't read at all, I received the following message: "Contents not Available: Cannot read the connected storage media."

    exFat format, RAW/NEF format, JPEGs too large:
    –after some research, I found this was because Nikon cameras format their cards in the "exFat" format and the card reader for the iPad 4 cannot read an exFat formatted SDXC card that's greater than 32GB (I haven't tried less than 32GB and honestly that would almost worthless to me); standard SD cards (which we can't use because they're too slow) can be read by the reader, however, I was not able to read RAW/NEF format (it says "No photos to import") –a standard Nikon formatted SDXC card in exFat format can, however, read JPG format as long as they're under 10 MB (approximately –I'm not certain the actual size, but I know it's low and under 10 MB works where 30 MB does not).

    I use a Nikon D800E primarily and it will allow me to shoot two sets of images: RAW + JPEG (of any quality/size I choose). Here's the workaround: I use a CF card for my primary shooting and an SDXC 64GB card for the "iPad previewing." I send the RAW shot to the CF card and I send the lower res JPG copy (I have it set to JPEG normal, size: small) to the SD card. Then when I'm done shooting, I take the SD card and put it in the iPad with the SD reader and BOOM, perfect import every time and I'm able to see what I've captured with the RAW files, yet it works with the iPad SD reader AND it's native Nikon exFat AND it's SDXC AND the card is over 32MB. That's my workaround and it works every single time now.

    Another SOLUTION:
    This was something else that worked, but I don't love it and it's really not necessary since the above works perfectly for me. You can put the SD card reader in your Mac, use disk utility and reformat it to FAT format instead of the exFat format. This will allow the card to be read by the iPad reader. However, you are still limited to the JPG format and still limited to under 10 MB files AND you can't format the card again in the Nikon (or whatever camera you have) because it will go right back to exFat AND they say you should really use your camera to format the cards.

    So, there's my 2 cents. Hope it helps. I know it made my life easier and I've not seen one workaround for this issue yet. I'll be posting this on several sites today so you may see it around the net. It took a full day to crack the code and get it to work and I hope I'll be able to save some fellow photographers/colleagues some time and frustration.

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