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    Unable to connect my iPad 2 using WiFi

    I have an iPad 2 which works fine most of the times. However, I am not able to connect the device via WiFi. I tried to fix this issue by navigating to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings but it doesn't do anything. What else should i do?

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    Re: Unable to connect my iPad 2 using WiFi

    Hello my dear Friend

    If you face such issue you can try to follow the below steps to resolve the issue

    >> For this you can Try to click on the "Home " menu

    >> There you can select the " Settings "option

    >> Under this you will find a "Wi-fi " and After click on it you will find a " On or Off " mode

    >> You can Try to On and Off by Number of times

    >> Then you can go to click on the " For got this Device "

    >> By doing this you will stop the Connection with the Wi fi Network

    Finally you can Try to Reconnect the Network

    After make all the changes you can Update the Device

    That is all

    Good luck

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    Re: Unable to connect my iPad 2 using WiFi

    Dear person*******

    ++++++++++++Try these steps for thisissue++++++++

    *********Now go to your network setting.

    *********Here search for the availablewifi network.

    *********Select network and try toconnect.

    *********Just start 3G network serviceon your SIM card.

    *********Now get the 3G networkconfiguration setting from the service provider.

    *********After that you can use 3Gservice on you tablet.

    *********Now put your device to searchavailable WiFi network.

    *********After getting an WiFi networktab on to Connect.

    *********After tabbing your device willconnect with WiFi network.

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    Re: Unable to connect my iPad 2 using WiFi

    Hello friend,

    1.First of allplease connect your device with system,

    2.After this open the itune software in your system,

    3.Then please click to the summery option and you see the update option,

    4.Now click to the update and update your devic ios version and wait for complete,

    5.After this disconnect your device with system and restart your device,

    6.Then turn on the wifi and connect the normally any wifi network with password,

    7.I hope this information usefull to you,

    Thank you,

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    Re: Unable to connect my iPad 2 using WiFi

    Hello Sir..

    <><><><>Now open the home page in your iPad 2

    <><><><>Now you see many options but you select setting option

    <><><><>Now go to the wireless & network setting option.

    <><><><>click the WIFI option & press the older setting.

    <><><><>Now reset the setting

    <><><><>Also check the distance of the WIFI

    <><><><>use the faster connection of the device.

    <><><><>after reset the all setting & update the application.

    <><><><>I hope your problem to be solved <><><><>

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    Re: Unable to connect my iPad 2 using WiFi

    Hello sir

    You have simply follow some of the steps after that your problem will be solved:::::::::>>>>>>>

    * First of all go to the main menu

    * Then go to the setting

    * Then go to the wireless setting

    * Then tap on the wi fi

    * Then delete the current setting

    * After that update the new setting

    * Now restart your device

    All the best

    Thank you

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    Re: Unable to connect my iPad 2 using WiFi

    Verify Wi-Fi is enabled and that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network

    Type slowly to verify you are entering the correct password

    Check the Wi-Fi signal strength is adequate

    Ensure you are connecting to the correct Wi-Fi network, and not another nearby Wi-Fi network

    Check the cable connection to your Wi-Fi access point or router

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