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    Turbo Scanner app for iPad

    What all features can be enjoyed with the Turbo Scanner app for iPad? Please give me an account of the same.

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    Re: Turbo Scanner app for iPad

    This app lets iPad users Fax, Download, Scan, Print, and even Store Microsoft Office & also PDF Documents. This gives the flexibility of a Handy Scanner, File Storage, Fax, or an Air Printer within your pocket. It can easily scan multi-page high quality documents. You can easily print it directly with any AirPrint within your wifi network. You can then save it in a document folder within your iPad. If you want you can even post it to Google Docs. You can fax the same to any of the fax numbers directly from your iPad, as well.

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    Re: Turbo Scanner app for iPad

    Yes, turbo scanner app for iPad is now available.
    This app is compatible with iPad.
    By the help of this app, the user can able to scan,print, download & fax the Microsoft office documents as well as PDF documents.
    Due to small size, you can able to bring the scanner, fax etc. inside your pocket.
    Its amazing feature is it can scan high quality multiple pages easily & flexibly.
    The documents can also be stored & saved in iPad.

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    Re: Turbo Scanner app for iPad

    It can be used for following application

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    Re: Turbo Scanner app for iPad


    Turbo Scanner app is use to scan multiple pages using the iPad. After scanning the document, the user can transfer the file to Google Docs and Drop Box.

    Documents can also be transferred to Google Docs as well as Drop Box after scanning. You can also able to email these documents.

    This app have benefits like Single Page as well as multiple page scanning and Cool Interface.

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    Re: Turbo Scanner app for iPad


    Actually this is app is Related Office Purpose.
    This App can read, Scan , Print all your Microsoft Office Stuffs.
    One more thing that you can also Access PDF files too with this App
    .Interface of this app is very Good and USer Friendly.
    Just search in I store and download.

    Pleasure to help you...!!

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    Re: Turbo Scanner app for iPad

    Turbo Scanner app for iPad

    >> This app have features like downloading, scanning, printing, faxing, MS office docs and PDF docs can be stored with this app

    >> This app provides File storage, handy scanner, Air Printer etc.

    >> Scanning can be done for multi-page high quality documents

    >> Printing can be done by using AirPrint

    >> Documents can be saved in iPad

    >> Faxing can be done to any number for Fax that also directly from iPad.

    >> You can download and install application from "App Store"

    >> Source : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/turbo...500454237?mt=8

    >> Reboot your device once installed

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    Re: Turbo Scanner app for iPad

    Yes this is one of the high quality apps

    This provides a good user interface

    Using this u can Download , Scan , Print, Fax and Google document or any P.D.F file

    U can directly print using a Air printer with in your Wi-Fi Region

    From this u can Scan high quality documents

    U can also send Directly FAX by providing the number using your iPad

    Hope it is useful to u

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