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    Are there alternate OS for iPad?

    I am asking this out of sheer curiosity. I use an iPad on IOS 6. Is it possible to use other operating systems like Windows, Android etc on iPad?

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    Re: Are there alternate OS for iPad?

    There have been reports of using operating systems like Linux and Android on iPad for experimental purposes. Android iPad would be a better option if you want a change in the OS version. Though this would not be the best as they unlike iPhones can easily become non-functional and bricked. You could buy an Android tablet instead. iPad like Macs cannot be installed with different operating systems of your wish as this can create serious effects on its functionality. If it is new avatars that you are looking for, then you could make use of some quick links and get a new whole avatar for your screen. Apps can also help you with this, only that they need to be selected with care.

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    Re: Are there alternate OS for iPad?


    Dear ,friend this type of experiment is not possible in i Pad or any apple device
    because apple device are unique in all device and also it OS.

    Apple device especially made for privacy so there is not any chance to hang the
    device OS system.

    Its is OS security is very high level and if any one try to edit the OS system,then
    its device system is multifunctional.

    Or we can say the portability of OS in apple device is not possible.


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