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    Tabletquiz app for iPad

    What is meant by Tabletquiz app for iPad? Please brief me on the features available with this iPad app.

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    Re: Tabletquiz app for iPad

    Tabletquiz is an iPad app enabling users for making personalized quiz as well as survey apps. The advanced personalization capabilities are the uniqueness of this app. There is also flexibility in sharing this app with other people. This app is purely based on html5 technology. You cannot access this app from the app store. You have to visit the official site of this app for freely downloading the same. This app is not specific for iPad as it is allowed for Android users, as well.

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    Re: Tabletquiz app for iPad

    Its a dedicated app for ipad which enables the creation of personalized surveys and quizzes. Image, audio etc. can be embedded with each questions to make it more communicative. You can customize the app online through their web portal. After successful customization, the installation link is send to your device. To access the app, you can use the link in your web browser and give the access code to use it. Access code is basically a QR code.

    The application can be run on one or more mobile devices and collect quiz/survey responses with the link send to you. Real time results can be accessed through the website.

    Application portal:

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    Re: Tabletquiz app for iPad

    Tabletquiz app for iPad
    >> Personalized quiz and survey apps can be enabled with the help of this app

    >> Capability of Advanced Personalization

    >> User of this app can share the app with other iPad user

    >> Html5 technology is one of the best features of this app

    >> You can refer to the below mentioned link to download the app


    >> This game is available Free of Cost

    >> Reboot your device once install

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    Re: Tabletquiz app for iPad

    Tabletquiz app for iPad is an interesting app which helps the user to perform not only personalized quiz but also survey apps.
    The personalized quiz is the most interesting & unique feature of this app.
    You can also able to share this app to other iPad users.
    Due to Html5 technology, this app has lots of advanced features.
    If you want to download this app you need to see the official site of app.
    This app is available with free of cost both for iPad & android users.

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