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    Syncing issue with iPad mini for Windows 7 system

    I just bought a brand new iPad mini which running on latest version of iOS software, but I can’t sync this device with my Windows 7 system. I already have latest version of iTunes on my system but this not working for me. What might be the issue? What to do now?

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    Re: Syncing issue with iPad mini for Windows 7 system

    Dear person*******
    ++++++++++++Try these steps for this issue++++++++

    *********First of all connect your ipad mini with windows 7 PC through USB port.

    *********Under the charms menu you will see the Change PC setting option.

    *********Click on Change PC setting.

    *********After clicking you will get Sync option click on it.

    *********Here you will get your ipad mini content.

    *********Now select contacts that you want to Sync with windows7 PC.

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    Re: Syncing issue with iPad mini for Windows 7 system

    Hello dear Dude

    Yes for sure I will give you the Detailed information about the Sync the iPad device with the windows 7

    Then you can Follow the bellow Instructions

    <> First and Fore most thing you will need to do is Try to connect your device to the Windows 7 PC

    <> There by you must wait for a While until it gets Recognized

    <> Then you will find a Device at the Left pane on the " Itunes "

    <> Now you can Tap on the "Summary " tab after open it

    <> Finally Uncheck the Mark on the " Manually Manage Music "

    Thus you can Sync after getting click on the Option above

    For this you can Try to Make sure to Tap on the "Apply " option

    That is all

    It was pleasure to help you

    Good luck

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