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    Speech recognition not working in iPad

    The Speech recognition feature is not working in my iPad3. How can I enable this feature?

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    mithu ashi Array
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    Re: Speech recognition not working in iPad

    If sound recognition is disable then you can enable this easily but if there is any
    problem come with this then it is not easy to repair without factory reset. Here
    you did not mentioned anything about problem type. So without knowing that
    it become more difficult to solve.

    So if you have two option only:-
    1. Go to Factory restore, your speech recognition will start to work automatically
    2. But if you does not want to go for factory restore then you can use any app
    that will provide same functionality as speech recognition.
    So just choose any one option.

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    nebula Array
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    Re: Speech recognition not working in iPad

    There could be 2 reasons for the Speech recognition software being not working in your iPad.

    1. Speech recognition software needs the Internet Connection to work. So, try to check your Internet Connection and check the Speech recognition then.
    2. If you are facing the issues keeping your internet connection on, then there could be a problem with the iPad software. Try to do a factory reset and check it again.

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