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    Sound in my iPad 3 works only with Headphone

    The sound in my iPad 3 works only with headphones. However, when i unplug the headphone, it doesn't produce sound. I don't know whether it is a hardware or software issue but looking for a fix. Most of my friends are saying that, it is a software issue because sound is working with headphone. Kindly provide a solution or a suggestion.

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    Re: Sound in my iPad 3 works only with Headphone

    Hello my dear Friend

    First and Fore most thing you will need to is Restart your system

    Before that I would like to tell you something that is See there is a Different volume settings for the Head phones as well as Internal speakers

    So for this Reason you can Move to the Particular method

    I think it might be the problem with the " internal speakers "

    For this you can just follow the simple steps to get out of this

    >> For this click on the "Start " menu

    >> There by you can go to Tap on the " Settings " option

    >> Now you must click on the " General " option

    >> After that you can go to see the "Lock Rotation " whether it is On mute or Not

    If not you can Try to slide to mute and Un mute in Number of times

    Finally you have to Reset the issue again

    That is all

    Good luck

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    Re: Sound in my iPad 3 works only with Headphone

    Hi friend,

    Due to some common reasons you are facing this sound in ipad 3 works only with headphones.Some of the reasons are

    ---> Due to speakers of ipad 3 is damaged and not working.

    ---> Due to sound settings of ipad 3 are kept in mute mode.

    ---> Due to ipad 3 frimware issue this sound not coming speaker raised.

    ---> Due to internal hardware issueof ipad 3 this issue occurs.

    +++ Remedies to follow to resolve the sound n ipad 3 works only with headphone :

    1. If speakers of ipad 3 device is not working then repair it and check.

    2. If sound settings in mute mode then unmute it first.

    3. Once force restart the ipad 3 device and check sound coming from speakers or not.

    4. Once consult the ipad 3 specialist and resolve the issue.

    5. You can also try once reset the ipad 3 device and check problem resolved or not.

    Thank you.................

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