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  1. TV shows appearing not properly on iPad 4 while using Home Sharing
  2. Cannot hear any sound while using ‘Mail’, ‘iBooks’ and games since resetting the settings in iPad 2
  3. The videos app in third gen iPad crashes on launch
  4. Newsstand app subscription issues in iPad 2
  5. Touchscreen tapping and swiping issues in third gen iPad
  6. App update in new iPad asks for wrong Apple ID
  7. WiFi speed much slower in iPad 4 compared to that in iPad 2
  8. Unable to use Mac Wireless keyboard with ‘Mail’ app on iPad 2
  9. ‘The Thriving Mindset’ app not working with iPad 3 upgraded to iOS 6.1.3
  10. ‘Highlight’ function not working with the words already highlighted in word document while opening in ‘Pages’ app on iPad 2
  11. What has to be done for unlocking ‘Voice-Over’ enabled iPad Mini?
  12. Is it possible to connect iPad 4 with home stereo system?
  13. Mail app on iPad 2 keep showing attachments as inline text
  14. How to know the exact download speed of iOS powered iPad3 tab?
  15. Unable to access contacts from searched results on iPad3 tablet
  16. Battery charging too slow nowadays on iOS6 supported iPad2 device
  17. Suggest a good Bluetooth keyboard compatible to use with iPad Mini tab
  18. How to password lock home screen folders from kids on iPad2 handset?
  19. How to check with the location of downloaded files on iPad4 iOS handset?
  20. Can I use Samsung ML-2950ND printer with iPad 2?
  21. What has to be done for removing the pictures appearing next to the messages sent from iPad 2 running on iOS 6.1.3?
  22. ‘Camera’ and ‘Mail’ app missing from iPad 2 since upgrading to iOS 6.1.3
  23. Is it possible to view preview of items accessed through Safari on iPad 4?
  24. Unable to connect Epson 202 printer with iPad 2 for printing
  25. Battery drains out quickly on iPad Mini since upgrading to iOS 6.1.3
  26. iPad2 tab getting warm when brightness set more than 40%
  27. How to safely clean ink off smart cover on iPad Mini tablet?
  28. Refreshing iPad2 handset auto closes opened Opera Mini tabs
  29. How to set iPad3 Safari browser to auto fill password every time ID is selected?
  30. Is it possible to sync iPhone 4S calendar to iPad4 handset?
  31. Bluetooth headphones not syncing with audio on iPad3 tablet
  32. iPad Mini iOS handset screen went white after new app update
  33. How to perform printing of PDF on iBook app on iPad4 handset?
  34. Looking for help in adding notes to reminder app on iOS6 powered iPad3 device?
  35. How to download a purchased music again on iMusic on iPad2 iOS6 tablet?
  36. How to download a purchased music again on iMusic on iPad2 iOS6 tablet?
  37. Movie player jerking every 30 seconds on iPad3 iOS6 tablet
  38. Unable to enter WiFi settings on iOS6 based iPad2 handset
  39. Unable to enter WiFi settings on iOS6 based iPad2 handset
  40. Calendar app icon on iPad3 tab home screen replacing all other icons
  41. List out some apps to assist soccer coaching on iPad3 handset
  42. List out some apps to assist soccer coaching on iPad3 handset
  43. iPad 2 shows up lock icon on top part since using ‘Mail’ app
  44. What has to be done for saving PDF documents into iBooks directly from Safari on iPad 2?
  45. Steps to be taken for creating stickers with Strip Designer app on iPad 2
  46. Cannot trim videos on iPad 3 since upgrading to iOS 6
  47. Setting up Twitter app on iPad 3 to show up only mentions in ‘Connection’ tab
  48. Can anyone explain the features of ‘Photo Manager Pro’ app available for iPad?
  49. How to reduce the size of photos sent through ‘Mail’ app on iPad Mini?
  50. iPad 3 screen turns into green while watching videos from You Tube
  51. How to design iPad3 wallpaper on my own free of cost?
  52. Location services using up battery on an abnormal basis on iPad4 handset
  53. How to convert DVD files to iPad friendly format using cucu soft?
  54. Home screen widgets unresponsive on iPad Mini iOS6 tablet
  55. How to update photo editing app on iOS6 supported iPad4 tab?
  56. Issue editing calendar event on iOS based iPad3 handset
  57. Listing of best Screenwriting Apps for the iPad3 tab
  58. All apps getting crashed in a few seconds on iPad4 handset
  59. Procedures for changing the name of a note created with ‘Notability’ app on iPad 2
  60. How to make iPad 3 erase data automatically on entering wrong pass code?
  61. Cannot access location services on connecting AirPort Express home Wi-Fi routerwith iPad 3
  62. TagDisk HD app on iPad 2 can’t download videos from website
  63. What are the features of ‘Downloads Lite’ app available for iPad?
  64. What has to be done for removing a prezi from ‘Prezi for iPad’ app on iPad 3?
  65. Getting “turn on in settings” message while launching FaceTime app on iPad 2 upgraded to iOS 6.1.3
  66. How to use the orientation lock provided with the iPad 2 running on iOS 4.2?
  67. No sound in Garage Band after upgrading iPad OS
  68. Garage band fails to sync in iPad
  69. Error 25974 Garage Band error in iPad
  70. Trouble in loading e-books online via Safari on iPad 2
  71. Unable to play movies on projector after connecting VGA adapter with iPad 2
  72. Siri pauses while dictating e-mail on iPad 3
  73. Game Center getting stuck on iPad 2 while making friend request
  74. Getting error code 1645 on iPad 1 after performing a restore
  75. Is it possible to print from iPad 4 using Epson Stylus SX515W printer?
  76. How to set onscreen board to show up automatically while on compose message page on iPad3 tab?
  77. Loading of apps too slow since recent upgrade on iPad2 iOS tablet
  78. How to disable status bar on lock screen of iOS based iPad2 device?
  79. Websites keep on reloading without my consent on iPad3 Opera Mini browser
  80. What is the procedure for syncing Yahoo events with that of iPad4 calendar?
  81. Unable to comment on FB photos since last update on iPad Mini tab
  82. How to enable and use iCloud tabs through Safari on iPad 3?
  83. Procedure for transferring e-book from iTunes 11 to Kindle app on iPad Mini
  84. How to use Caps Lock with on-screen keyboard on iPad Mini?
  85. Steps to be taken for printing iMessage conversation on iPad 3
  86. Is it possible to set up remote controls for keynote presentations in iPad 2?
  87. What steps to follow for setting up a screenshot as Wallpaper on iPad 3?
  88. iPad 4 can’t play high resolution videos available in various websites
  89. Facebook notification locks up iPad 2
  90. Suggest some good calculator apps to use with iPad4 handset
  91. Date format remains in Arabic on iPad 3 even after changing language to English
  92. Unable to locate friends with ‘Find My Friends’ app on iPad 3
  93. Is there any app for setting up self-timer while switching iPad 2 camera into video mode?
  94. Can I change the owner name of PhotoStream on iPad 3?
  95. Netflix app tend to get stuck on iPad 4
  96. Is it possible to use custom themes with Keynote on iPad 2?
  97. Issues syncing Outlook 2010 calendar to iPad Mini handset
  98. Auto lock stops music play in between on iPad2 iOS6 tablet
  99. Calendar event alerts not showing up on iPad Mini tablet
  100. Home screen widgets getting auto closed on iOS supported iPad2 tab
  101. How auto fill of site passwords can be set on iOS based iPad3 tablet?
  102. How to set iPad4 to generate some sort of sound while tapping on menu options?
  103. Endless loading while connecting iPad 3 with Wi-Fi personal hotspot
  104. What are the features of Gramatica app available for iPad?
  105. Steps to be taken for switching 1Password app on iPad 3 into ‘Demo’ mode
  106. What is the way to hidedownloaded apps on iPad 2?
  107. Is it possible to enable AirPlay from lockscreen of iPad 2 for streaming music?
  108. Cannot use DrawSomething app properly with iPad 3
  109. How to type cent sign with on-screen keyboard on iPad 3?
  110. Unable to forward a web page to home screen on iPad 3
  111. How to set iPad Mini handset to download iMusic automatically?
  112. Movie app home screen icon not responding to actionson iPad4 tab
  113. All app downloads quitting at 50% on iOS powered iPad3 device
  114. How Windows Live Mail can be set up on iPad Mini iOS tablet?
  115. Game app icon went missing after latest app update on iPad4 tab
  116. Game app icon went missing after latest app update on iPad4 tab
  117. Game app icon went missing after latest app update on iPad4 tab
  118. How to make use of Dynolicious app with iPad2 tablet?
  119. Is it possible to play instant slideshow via iPhoto on iPad3 tab?
  120. iOS 6.1.2 update in iPad resulted in blank screen
  121. Every home screen icons added last week getting duplicated on iPad3 iOS6 tablet
  122. Unable to add a new calendar event to iOS6 powered iPad3 tablet
  123. How to set iPad2 to play tracks within an album one by one automatically?
  124. How to prevent iPad3 device from accessing WiFi network of my neighbor?
  125. Opera Mini unresponsive after latest game installation on iPad3 handset
  126. How to set Archive message option on email set up on iOS6 based iPad2 tab?
  127. Is it possible to re-access purchased apps once iPad Mini is rebooted?
  128. Spotify app can’t play tracks on iPad 2
  129. How to remove a friend from Game Center on iPad 2?
  130. Means to enlarge Facebook photos on iPad 3 without tapping
  131. Steps for transferring pictures from Camera Roll on iPad 2 to Dropbox
  132. How to prevent Podcast app on iPad 2 from streaming through Cellular network?
  133. Cannot use iMessage app on iPad 2 since crashing due to Emoji
  134. Unable to log into Official Apple Site from iPad4 handset
  135. Search and find feature not working on contacts app on iPad3 tab
  136. iPad4 not getting listed out in ‘devices’ even after connecting to iTunes on HP PC
  137. Skype update crashes background theme on iPad2 iOS6 tablet
  138. Blue lines on iPad Mini screen after game installation
  139. iPad 4 not showing keyboard while touching on screen
  140. Steps to be taken for transferring JPEG files from Nikon D800 camera to iPad 4
  141. Cannot launch ‘Notes’ app on iPad 2 since removing an empty note
  142. Terapets game can use only quarter part of iPad 2 screen
  143. Unable to use ‘Draw Something’ app with iPad 3
  144. What has to be done for printing from Pinterest app on iPad 3?
  145. Steps to be taken for setting up Sonos Controller app on iPad 2
  146. Voice Over feature seems affecting other background apps on iPad3 device
  147. Is it possible to set ‘My name’ as device name on iOS based iPad4 tablet?
  148. Unable to access calendar app icon on iOS6 supported iPad2 tablet
  149. How tracking speed can be changed in Assistive Touch option on iOS powered iPad3 device?
  150. Music app icon on iPad2 home screen itself went missing after music app update
  151. How to change the VoiceOver typing feedback on iOS based iPad4 handset?
  152. No volume on iOS6 based iPad3 since latest game app update
  153. Best word search games to play with iPad Mini iOS tablet
  154. Calendar time zone support accidentally turned off on iPad3 iOS6 tablet
  155. Setting up time zone for a calendar appointmentin iPad 3
  156. Switching iPad 3 into Guest user mode with Guided Access feature
  157. How to move the event set up on ‘Calendar’ app in iPad 2 to another day?
  158. Steps to be taken for importing Google Feeds into FlipBoard app on iPad 2
  159. What is the method for accepting friend requests through Game Center app on iPad 2?
  160. Cannot play VDO clips with podcast app on iPad 3 while closing SmartCover
  161. Cannot sign into iMessage from iPad Mini since installing iOS 6.1.3
  162. iPad 4 getting too much hot while playing games
  163. Getting error message while using Sky sports app for iPad with iPad Mini
  164. Where do I find search window in Newsstand app on iPad 2?
  165. What has to be done for selecting a single frame from pictures on movie clip played through iPad 4?
  166. Is it possible to use text-to-speech function of iPad 2 over AirPlay to Apple TV?
  167. iMessage stopped working all of a sudden on iOS based iPad Mini
  168. By which option a screen shot can be taken on iPad2 handset?
  169. Is there any good app to fasten the search on iPad4 device?
  170. Share option of photos on iOS6 iPad3 tablet went missing
  171. Is transferring of iPad2 iOS apps to iPad4 supported?
  172. Is it possible to replace an iPad Mini tablet with cracked glass on guarantee period?
  173. Unable to forward PDF files in iPad
  174. Unable to send outgoing mail in iPad
  175. No messages selected error appears when accessing email in iPad
  176. Home screen widgets upside down after recent iOS upgrade on iPad3 tablet
  177. Poor video quality while playing HD movies on iPad2 device
  178. Is solar charging possible on iOS supported iPad Mini tablet?
  179. How to a new calendar event alert tone on iOS6 based iPad3 handset?
  180. Which handset is better for multimedia functionality- iPad4 or Nexus 10?
  181. How to set picture attachments received via email on iPad2 to save to a specific location?
  182. Is usage of flash drive supported on iOS powered iPad4 tablet?
  183. Cannot use Gmail account with iPad 2 since upgrading to iOS 6.1.3
  184. Notes app get frozen on iPad 2 while entering double space text
  185. Is it possible to arrange videos in iPad 3 according to artists?
  186. Getting sound on iPad 2 upgraded to iOS 6.0.1 while receiving messages from Facebook
  187. What has to be done for transferring files from Gopro Camera into iPad 2?
  188. Songs disappear from iPad 3 after syncing with iTunes
  189. Upgrade to latest iOS getting stuck up in the middle on original iPad
  190. How to make use of FaceTime application on iPad2 iOS6 tablet?
  191. By which option pictures on Toshiba Windows 7 laptop can be transferred to iPad3 tab?
  192. Video download taking too much time since last iOS upgrade on iPad2
  193. Can you suggest a life proof case for newly purchased iPad Mini iOS tab?
  194. How to attach digital signature while sending emails from iPad3 tab?
  195. Wi-Fi bars appears blue on iPad 2
  196. iPad 4 tend to delete messages received through Outlook
  197. Getting broken images while sending PDF from Pages app on iPad 2
  198. Location Services not working on iPad 2 after installing iOS 6.1.3 update
  199. Cannot select multiple photos on iPad 3 upgraded to iOS 6.1.3
  200. iPad 3 can open apps only by double tapping on icons
  201. Steps to be taken for transferring photos from iPad to iPad through PhotoTransfer app
  202. Written text tend to disappear from Compose Mail page on iPad 2 while rotating the screen
  203. How to tackle the issues with Sleep/Wake and Home buttons on iPad 2?
  204. Is it possible to limit targeted ads showing up on iPad 2?
  205. What steps to follow for playing photo slideshow with music on iPad 3?
  206. Safari quits intermittently on iPad Mini upgraded to iOS 6.1.3
  207. Canon MP640 printer not working with iPad 2
  208. How to change default Credit card number on iPad2 iOS payment account?
  209. Error1604 while trying to restore iOS6 powered iPad handset
  210. eBook download getting stuck up at 50% repeatedly on new iPad device
  211. How to change file type while saving email attachments on iPad2 tab?
  212. iPad3 iOS6 tablet screen went black after changing digitizer
  213. How to switch between onscreen keyboard and wireless keyboard on iPad4 handset?
  214. Not able to send or receive e-mails through Outlook account set up on iPad 3
  215. Is it possible to AirPrint on iPad 2 with HP photosmart plus B209 printer?
  216. Mail signature get changed without any prompt on iPad 2
  217. Cannot upgrade iPad 2 from iOS 4.3.3 to iOS 6.1.3 with iTunes 11.0.2
  218. Unable to send pictures through iMessage since upgrading iPad 4 to iOS 6.1.3
  219. iPad 2 shows error code 1480 while upgrading to latest software from iOS 6.1.2
  220. Can I locate multiple locations on Maps app in iPad 2 upgraded to iOS 6.1.3 at the same time?
  221. Is it possible to reset to allow login information with Safari on iPad 2?
  222. Getting “HTTP Proxy configured” message while watching video through iPad 2
  223. iPad 2 not detecting HP 6500A printer even after upgrading to iOS 6.1.3
  224. Unable to use animated emoticons with iPad 2
  225. How to know the type of attached email file on iPad Mini before downloading?
  226. Vertical line on home screen of iOS supported iPad3 device
  227. Itunes error (0XE8000012) while connecting new iPad handset
  228. How to sync Gmail contacts to iPad2 contacts without duplication?
  229. How to check with the credit card info of default payment account on iPad3 tab?
  230. How to delete Gmail account permanently from iOS6 based iPad2 tab?
  231. Unable to sign up in Facetime and iMessage
  232. Unable to activate iMessage and Facetime in iPad 3
  233. How to rename an iBook item on iOS supported iPad4 handset?
  234. Music player app taking too much time to load on iPad2 iOS tab
  235. How to change the settings of iPad3 tab to stop auto download of iMusic?
  236. How to join an ongoing Skype call on iPad2 running on iOS platform?
  237. New travel app got stuck up on installation on iPad3 iOS tab
  238. How the restore process is carried out on iOS supported iPad Mini tab?
  239. By which option an iTunes back up done on iOS6 based iPad Mini can be removed?
  240. What has to be done for removing newspapers from ‘Newsstand’ app on iPad 2?
  241. iPad 2 can’t play music while playing Solitaire game
  242. Is it possible to view Outlook 2010 calendar published on internet with iPad 3?
  243. Keyboard getting stuck on iPad 2 while using ‘Calendar’ app
  244. iPad Mini can’t show up the main menu
  245. Unable to browse internet on iPad Mini even after connecting to Wi-Fi network
  246. Is camera section of iPad Mini tab better than Google Nexus 5?
  247. Calendar app icon on iPad2 handset home screen unresponsive
  248. Charging taking more time than ever before on iPad3 tablet
  249. Videos uploaded on FB from iPad2 device has no sound
  250. Can you suggest a good app for Stock market monitoring on new iPad?