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  1. Why is iPad 3 getting heated while playing 3D games?
  2. Where can I find the Google Earth app for my iPad 4?
  3. How to prevent iPad from being detected by windows?
  4. iPad 3 charger getting over hated and burnt
  5. What is the screen of the iPad 2 made of? Can anyone give details on it?
  6. iPad 2 not connecting to network after upgrade
  7. Is it possible to access iTunes server using an iPad 3?
  8. What are the uses of CloudFTP on iPad?
  9. How can videos be streamed to iPad from Android?
  10. How can the iPad be made to control the laptop?
  11. Budget friendly Bluetooth GPS for iPad 3
  12. How can whatsapp be installed in an iPad 3?
  13. Is there any way to get the data out of iPad since the screen is broken?
  14. iPad locked up while connected to the iTunes and not shutting down.
  15. Why does lag occurs while searching email address in an iPad?
  16. Where did the apps from the iPad TV ads link has gone?
  17. iPad taking a timeout after the power is switched on
  18. What are the different uses of iPad in the day to day life?
  19. Is free repair available at apple for the cracked front screen of iPad4?
  20. How can Outlook calendar events be imported to iCalendar on iPad Mini?
  21. Are there alternate OS for iPad?
  22. iPad not detecting Bluetooth devices.
  23. Why does emails on all devices gets deleted when deleting on one in iPad?
  24. Does iPad update itself in increments or on total version?
  25. Wish to know the best screen repairs for iPads.
  26. iPad not responding after getting locked up while connecting to iTunes
  27. 1604 error while trying to restore iPad3 tab running on iOS6 platform
  28. How an unwanted magazine can be removed from iPad2 iOS tablet’s Newsstand?
  29. How to upload an entire album at once to FB from iPad4 iOS tablet?
  30. Percentage gets wrongly calculated by the default calculator app on iPad4 tab
  31. Is there any option to know if email sent from iPad2 is opened by the receiver?
  32. How to restore iOS based iPad Mini tablet without losing data?
  33. Is there any suggested option to improve the quality of iTunes movies on iPad4?
  34. Updating travel iOS app getting stuck up in the midst on the iPad3 tablet
  35. Contacts list of email application on iPad3 tablet gone missing
  36. Mails sent since yesterday morning from iPad2 iOS account getting auto resent
  37. YouTube app stopped working without any prompts on iPad2 iOS tablet
  38. Unable to view iPad3 handset videos via Apple TV via full screen
  39. What has to be done for restricting websites accessed through Safari on iPad 2?
  40. Is it possible to connect iPad 3 with an ad hoc network?
  41. Can I install Dashboard application into iPad 4?
  42. E-mail screen remains black in color on iPad 1
  43. iPad 3 not typing sentences while using microphone for dictating words
  44. Safari, FaceTime and Camera application tend to disappear from iPad 2 while configuring exchange mail account
  45. Updating iPad 4 to IOS 6.1.2
  46. Are there any keyboard shortcuts applicable on iPad1?
  47. Attaching files to email on iPad 4
  48. Can iPad 1 be bricked by simply resetting it?
  49. iPad 1 shuts down by itself while using.
  50. Is an iPadplay Logic or GarageBand app for playing music?
  51. Can Pocket scanner HD version 1.0.1 make iPad a portable scanner?
  52. Opening PDF files in mail on iPad 1
  53. Why YouTube videos keep stopping on iPad 1?
  54. Apps for viewing photos through Wi-Fi on iPad
  55. How can I access the data in my iPad stuck in safe mode by Igotya app?
  56. How can I restore my jail broken iPad?
  57. Why do the apps on my iPad crash in the midst of using them?
  58. Why does the icon still shaking even after hitting the home or hold button in my iPad?
  59. Which full size keyboard is suitable for iPad mini?
  60. How can I transfer data from any laptops without the use of iTunes?
  61. How to resolve issues with Yahoo mail account set up on iPad Mini upgraded to iOS 6.1.3?
  62. Is it possible to add Live Wallpaper into iPad 4 without jailbreaking?
  63. Unable to watch anything on iPad Mini while connecting to VPN service
  64. Does a flash drive work with iPad 4?
  65. Can I print documents from iPad 2 using Epson NX 420 printer?
  66. How to transfer a video recorded on iPhone 4S into iPad Mini?
  67. What is the option by which XLS docs can be edited on iPad3 iOS tab?
  68. Frozen email screen issue on iPad3 handset with iOS
  69. Backspace failed working all of a sudden on message compose page on iPad2 tab
  70. Free cell app failed working since recent iOS upgrade on iPad2 handset
  71. ‘No charge’ issues on iPad3 tablet running on iOS6 platform
  72. How video merging is made possible on iOS supported iPad4 handset?
  73. Why has the internet performance become poorer after updating to IOS6?
  74. Photos in iMessage disappearing on iPad.
  75. What is the use of clearing web site data in iPad?
  76. Which apps are used for song lyrics in iPad?
  77. Video recording along with sound on iPad 3
  78. How to edit voice files in iPad?
  79. Why is the face time camera not working on my iPad 2?
  80. Why is my iPad not working fine after iOS 6 installations?
  81. Why are the emails send to my inbox on iPad disappearing?
  82. Can the screen sensitivity be changed on an iPad?
  83. iPad 2 freezes up following memory low messages.
  84. Deleting apps on iPad Mini
  85. Not able to open books via nook app in my iPad.
  86. Want to block my iPad which is recently been stolen from me!
  87. Screen of my iPad2 remains “BLUE” in seconds.
  88. Screen of my iPad2 remains “BLUE” in seconds.
  89. How can I download movies from Windows PC to the iPad?
  90. How can I download movies from Windows PC to the iPad?
  91. How to improve the quality of the camera of iPad2?
  92. Why can’t the photos on CF memory card be loaded into iPad 4?
  93. Looking for selecting external batteries for iPad Mini
  94. Is it possible to extend iPad charger lead?
  95. Which are the portable printers available with Wi-Fi for iPad?
  96. Supplement for Adobe Flash Player in iPad
  97. Using Apple Care for iPad in India
  98. Drafts and Sent Mails not appearing in useable form on iPad 4 upgraded to iOS 6.1.3
  99. White horizontal and vertical lines appears on photos while taking pictures through iPad 2
  100. ‘Location Services’ option missing from iPad 2 upgraded to iOS 6.1.3
  101. Trouble in loading Dragonvale game on iPad 2
  102. Cannot print anything from Safari on iPad 2 using HP 4620 printer
  103. Unable to receive FaceTime call while iPad 2 is in sleep mode
  104. How to sync items between iPod and iPad3 handset library?
  105. Emails missing from POP mail account all of a sudden on iOS based iPad2 tab
  106. How to share an interesting YouTube Video account on iPad2 to a friend’s FB wall?
  107. ‘Storage full” status when trying to save any data on iPad4 iOS handset
  108. Unable to access certain websites from iPad4 Opera Mini browser
  109. How to set iPad3 tab to remove address bar entries every 7 days?
  110. What has to be done for retrieving archived messages on iPad 2 upgraded to iOS 6.1.3?
  111. Safari not responding since upgrading iPad Mini to iOS 6.1.3
  112. Unable to run Fairway Solitaire app on iPad 2
  113. iPad 2 remains slow even after erasing all content and settings
  114. Sound with ‘Top 100’s hits’ app tend to stop on iPad 2
  115. Safari screen become small on iPad 3 without any prompt
  116. Can one transfer movies from iMac to iPad with imovie app?
  117. Problem entering email addresses in websites using iPad Mini
  118. Verizon iPad 3 constantly dropping LTE
  119. iPad Textilus app formatting issue
  120. Text messaging issue in iPad 2
  121. Red screen appearing in accidentally dropped iPad
  122. How to sort out purchased iBooks by date on iPad2 handset?
  123. Which is the latest Skype app version compatible with iPad Mini tablet?
  124. Unable to unlock iPad3 tablet screen lock saying ‘incorrect password’
  125. Auto fill browser option filling in wrong data on Opera Mini browser on iPad3 tab
  126. What are the detailed steps to establish a connection between TV and iPad4 tab?
  127. Can you suggest a best email app for iOS based iPad4 handset?
  128. Skype app contacts went missing all of a sudden on iOS6 supported iPad2 device
  129. By which option PDF to iBook syncing is carried out in iOS supported iPad2 tab?
  130. Give the detailed steps by which Airport Express can be set up on iPad Mini tab?
  131. How theme music can be managed on iMovie application on iPad4 handset?
  132. Looking to restyle an image on iPad4 tab is done via Pages app?
  133. How to set a new rescue address on iPad Mini iOS handset?
  134. Location warning of iPad2 iOS6 tablet seems working only at times
  135. How the iBook app language can be altered on iPad Mini tab?
  136. Is it possible to access iPad through a computer?
  137. How can the computer and iPad connection be established for music sharing?
  138. How to connect iPad to video port?
  139. Switching back and forth calls on ear pod with remote and mic in Apple iPad
  140. Why iPad 3 is lower in brightness compared to previous versions?
  141. How to add an attachment to emails in iPad Mini?
  142. How to stop the auto-installation of Applications in iPad 2?
  143. How to activate iTunes match on iPad 2?
  144. iPad taking too much time after showing Apple Logo
  145. All apps keep redirecting to home screen on iOS supported iPad3 tablet
  146. Procedures for moving a note into subject in ‘Notability’ app on iPad 2
  147. Steps to be taken for downloading You Tube videos throughTagDisk app on iPad 3
  148. Unable to delete applications on iPad 2 since upgrading to iOS 6
  149. Wrong date shown on iPad 2 since installing iOS 6.1.3 update
  150. Downloaded Audiobooks missing from iPad 3
  151. Slow response from all applications on iPad 2 since upgrading to iOS 6.1.3
  152. Tuneln audio stops while locking the screen or playing music in background on iPad 3
  153. Timercam app can’t save into Camera Roll on iPad 2 since upgrading to iOS 6
  154. In what way an iTunes store purchase can be hidden on iPad iOS handset?
  155. Suggest some good iPad Apps meant specifically for Toddlers
  156. Is emoji keyboard activation possible on iPad Mini tablet?
  157. How position change in language rotor can be performed in VoiceOver on iPad4 tablet?
  158. How auto fill option can be activated with music sync on iPad4 iOS tablet?
  159. How to activate restriction on iPad4 tablet with some exceptions?
  160. Nothing left on the iPad4 screen but only USB icon
  161. Numbers app keep crashing on iPad 2
  162. What has to be done for copying a paragraph of text with a book in Kindle app on iPad 2?
  163. iPad 4 get unresponsive while browsing mails received through ‘Mail’ app
  164. Books transferred from iTunes are shown under Kindle app on iPad 2
  165. Getting “requested resource missing” message while opening a book in ‘iBooks’ app on iPad 2
  166. Unable to browse websites using Safari address bar on iPad 2
  167. How to make a transfer of all Gmail contacts to iOS based iPad3 device?
  168. How to lock selected apps on iPad3 tablet with secret passwords?
  169. Unable to access iTunes while iPad4 iOS tablet in airplane mode
  170. Notes created after recent iOS upgrade on iPad2 tab disappeared without any prompts
  171. Which is the safest option to transfer data between HP Windows 7 laptop to iPad4 tab?
  172. Which is the option to copy a paragraph of text from a Kindle book on the iPad3 iOS6 tab?
  173. On-screen keyboard keys behaves weirdly on iPad 3
  174. Procedures for signing out from Twitter app on iPad 3
  175. Unable to install Google You Tube app into iPad 2 upgraded to iOS 6.1.3
  176. Pinterest app can’t access the photos on iPad 4
  177. Steps to be taken for editing information of a music score file with ‘forscore’ app on iPad 2
  178. Looking to transfer PDF files from PC into GoodReader app on iPad 2
  179. Safari can’t switch into landscape mode on iPad 3
  180. Not able to launch any type of applications on iPad 2 upgraded to iOS 6.1.2
  181. Applying an audio effect to iMovie clip on iPad3 tablet with iOS
  182. How a duplicate calendar app icon on iPad Mini tab can be removed?
  183. How renaming of an iBook item is carried out in iPad2 iOS tablet?
  184. How to fix an unresponsive music player app on iPad4 iOS tablet?
  185. How html signature creation is made possible on email account set up on iPad4 tab?
  186. Video player app taking too much time to get loaded on iPad4 iOS tab
  187. Is Garage Band an ideal studio recording app to use with iPad2 handset?
  188. How Microsoft Exchange account is set up on iPad2 iOS5 tablet?
  189. USB icon and iTunes logo not seen on the iPad4 iOS handset screen
  190. Chrome browser stuck up on load screen on iOS powered iPad4 tab
  191. How to view Facetime calls via Apple TV from iPad4 tab?
  192. How to activate notification alerts on newly purchased iPad Mini tab?
  193. Multiplayer games seems blocked on iOS powered iPad Mini tablet
  194. Keyboard shortcut got disabled after latest app update on iPad Mini tablet
  195. In what way private browsing can be enabled on iPad3 iOS6 tablet Safari?
  196. Unable to remove ‘music app located’ alert on iOS based iPad3 handset
  197. Thumbnail images missing from a file transferred into eDrawings Pro app in iPad 3
  198. How to merge the tracks using ‘GarageBand for iPad’ app?
  199. Can anyone explain the main features of ‘TimerCam’ app available for iPad?
  200. Cannot find ‘Album View’ with photos inside ‘Photo Timer’ app on iPad 2
  201. Unable to connect iPad 2 to internet even after deleting cookies
  202. iPad 4 auto locks screen intermittently since upgrading to iOS 6.1.3
  203. FaceTime calls received from iPad 2 to iPhone 4S
  204. What are the main features of ‘Moto GP Live Experience’ app available for iPad?
  205. Is it possible to transfer calendar events from iPad4 to iCloud without WiFi?
  206. How to disable data roaming temporarily on iPad4 handset with iOS6?
  207. Unable to set Air Plane mode on iOS6 supported iPad3 tablet
  208. What is the procedure by which keyboard dictionary can be reset on iPad Mini tab?
  209. WiFi password set on iPad3 tab seems to be exposed
  210. How to set a downloaded item on iPad4 device to open as iBook?
  211. Keyboard input taking too long to display on iPad3 tablet
  212. How to set iPad4 iOS handset to show 5 recent notifications?
  213. iMessagenot sending messages from iPad 2 upgraded to iOS 6.1.3 without images
  214. ‘Edit’ button not appearing on FaceTime app in iPad 2 upgraded to iOS 6.1.3
  215. Steps to be taken for changing the ringtone of FaceTime application on iPad 2 upgraded to iOS 6.1.3
  216. iPad 2 turns off with a blinking screen after completing the charging process
  217. What is the procedure for switching iBook store on iPad 4?
  218. Unable to create playlists on iPad Mini upgraded to iOS 6.1.3
  219. Cannot access bookshelf in iBooks app on iPad 4
  220. iPad 2 get stuck on a web page accessed through Safari
  221. Steps for adding photos into ‘Favorite’ list in Polkast app on iPad 2
  222. Suggest some HD games to make the most out of iPad4 GPU
  223. Opera Mini no longer getting connected with iPad4 iOS handset
  224. How to set up a new bookmark folder on Chrome browser on iPad4 tab?
  225. Unable to access Couch Player icon on iOS6 supported iPad3 tablet
  226. iPad3 tablet’s home screen icons inverted all of a sudden
  227. iCloud automatic backup no longer needed on iPad Mini tab, how to disable it
  228. Issues installing new iPad Office app on iPad4 iOS tablet
  229. Stands suitable for iPad Mini within the price range of $50
  230. What has to be done for deleting favourite locations from ‘Weather Pro’ app on iPad 3?
  231. Not able to slide and open iPad Mini
  232. Unable to view videos uploaded into Facebook via Safari on iPad 3
  233. How to increase the font size of web pages read through Safari on iPad 2?
  234. Getting reminders to subscribe cellular plan on iPad 3
  235. Cannot access spreadsheet uploaded into iCloud with ‘Numbers’ app on iPad 3
  236. iPad 2 showing “device not backed up over Wi-Fi” message on frozen screen
  237. Issues adjusting time on clock on iOS supported original iPad
  238. How to get details on the OS version in which my iPad2 tab is working?
  239. In what way iTunes purchase history can be checked on iPad4 iOS tablet?
  240. Google Earth app repeatedly getting stuck up several times during usage on iPad4 handset
  241. How to update iPad3 iOS6 device using iTunes application?
  242. How to remove chosen conversations from iMessage app on iOS6 supported iPad2 tab?
  243. Duplicate items on iTunes library of iOS based iPad Mini tablet
  244. Unable to update any of the apps on iPad3 tablet with iOS
  245. How to delete a Notebook created with ‘Evernote’ app on iPad 3?
  246. Need for disabling Safari to use an alternate browser with iPad 2
  247. In what way can I turn off push notifications for a Facebook page managed using Facebook Pages Manger app on iPad 2?
  248. Steps to be taken for switching PDF books into full screen mode with iBooks app on iPad 3
  249. What are the major features of ‘Prezi for iPad’ app?
  250. Procedure for adding International top level domains into keyboard on iPad 2