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  1. How to call and send a text message from the iPad address book using Skype?
  2. Whether eDrawings for iPad supports printing?
  3. How to rearrange bookmarks in Dolphin for iPad?
  4. Not able to remove synced MP4 videos from iPad 2
  5. ‘Service Unavailable’ message while tapping on Safari icon
  6. iPad 3 not detecting exact location on Maps
  7. How to delete recent FaceTime calls from iPad 2?
  8. iPad 2 dropping Wi-Fi signal from home network wireless router
  9. Magazine app launched in Newsstand crashes while accessing
  10. Getting blank pages while printing with HP 7510 Printer
  11. iPad 3 not finding Canon MG6200 printer
  12. Restoring camera icon on iPad 2 home screen
  13. Unable to play iTunes movies using VGA connector
  14. iCal shut off suddenly while opening
  15. Google search not working on Safari on iPad
  16. Read only grey screen appearing on Safari
  17. Resetting auto login on iPad 2
  18. Not able to sign into App store
  19. Unable to receive Yahoo mail through mail app in iPad 2
  20. How to unlock the screen of iPad 2?
  21. How to change default account on iPad 2 to hotmail instead of gmail?
  22. Artwork missing from the albums loaded on iPad 2
  23. iPad 2 Touch screen frozen on accessing mail
  24. Mute button not working on iPad 2
  25. iPad 2 not playing MP4 video from SD Card even after changing to MPEG4 format
  26. Unable to download graphic novels into iPad 2
  27. iPad 2 turns off while opening an application
  28. How to delete duplicate iCal entries from iPhone 4S?
  29. Changing the language of App store
  30. Mail app get frozen on iPad 2
  31. No Word Wrap for the mails received via iPad 3
  32. Face Time shows ‘failed call’ even if the internet is working fine
  33. Not able to open the picture in mail via iPad 3
  34. Can’t connect to YouTube via You Tube app on iPad
  35. Unable to open Magic Puzzles app since update
  36. Home Sharing has stopped working on iPad 2
  37. Scrolling feature not working on iPad 3
  38. Security question issue while downloading an app from App store on iPad 3
  39. Choosing camera while making calls on Skype in iPad 2
  40. Accessing Gmail by configuring mail in iPad
  41. Displaying altitude in Google Earth on iPad
  42. Solar System App closes unexpectedly in an iPad.
  43. Clearing Search history in Google Earth installed in iPad.
  44. Editing the font type or size size in your iPad?
  45. How to flip the pages in an iBook in iPad?
  46. Playing music with Home sharing in iPad?
  47. How to make use of genius playlist in iPad?
  48. How to search audio content in iPad?
  49. Changing the order of lists of reminders in an iPad?
  50. Deleting a calendar event from iPad, is it possible for inviting others to an event?
  51. Streaming videos in iPad with Apple Digital AV Adapter?
  52. Working with the picture frame in iPad?
  53. Will I be able to charge my iPad using the new Satechi Portable energy station?
  54. What should I do to transfer all the data on my old iPad to my new iPad?
  55. Touch to activate option on the iPad stopped working?
  56. What should I do if I am not able to search the Pages app on my iPad with Spotlight?
  57. I am not able to hear any sound from the iPad?
  58. How to add and delete a mailbox in iPad?
  59. Is it possible to move the keyboard in iPad?
  60. How to enable the iPad Smart Cover in iPad?
  61. System requirements for making use of Google Earth in iPad?
  62. What needs to be done for buying Skype Credit on iPad?
  63. What are the unique features for OmniFocus in iPad?
  64. Is it possible to make use of SlingPlayer in an older Slingbox in iPad?
  65. How to clear the recent conversations in iPad?
  66. How to fix the issue of not able to join session after enabling cookies on Safari in iPad?
  67. How to resolve the issue of RunKeeper iPhone app crashing in iPhone?
  68. Searching for the keywords in Kindle app on iPad?
  69. Unlocking the view mode with Kindle for iPad?
  70. Is it possible to rate a video in iPad?
  71. How to access various sections in Herald Sun iPad app in iPad?
  72. Receiving iMessages under another email address in iPad?
  73. Locating the email messages in iPad?
  74. How to view and use the multiple accounts in iPad?
  75. Joining for a meeting with WebEx in iPad?
  76. Recovering contact list from Skype
  77. ‘Invalid SIM’ message shown on entering SIM card on iPad 3
  78. Unable to play MP4 video synced from SD card on iPad 3
  79. Blank space while opening contact app on iPad 2
  80. Synced movies not shown on video application in iPad 2
  81. Family Feud app not working on iPad 2
  82. How to limit number of pages to be printed from iPad 1 to HP Laserjet CP1525nw?
  83. iPad 2 not working after deleting something through iexplorer
  84. Audio not going to VGA monitor from iPad 2
  85. Disable voice activation on iPad 2
  86. Trouble in reinstalling Word Magic app on iPad 3
  87. Lyrics is not displaying on Music app
  88. Echo on playing podcasts on iPad 3
  89. iPad 3 get frozen while updating iTunes
  90. Renaming the PDF files saved in iBooks?
  91. How to transfer videos from Panasonic HDC-SD1 to iPad 2?
  92. Unable to launch Zynga poker app on iPad 2
  93. iPad 2 not recognizing Canon PIXMA MX892
  94. iBooks can’t save PDF files
  95. Unable to upload kml files into iPad 2
  96. How to downgrade iPad 1 from IOS 5.1.1 to IOS 4.3.5?
  97. Digitizer not responding on iPad 1
  98. Synced pictures remain blank on iPad 1
  99. Enabling autofill option on iPad 1 to save time
  100. Transferring videos from Nikon D300S to iMovie
  101. Is it possible to make use of another app during a FaceTime call in iPad?
  102. Clearing the attachments without deleting the conversation in iPad?
  103. Is there any way to stop receiving work e-mail while on vacations in iPad?
  104. Is it possible to create web clips in iPad?
  105. Is it possible to tweet a location in Maps on iPad?
  106. What is an alert badge in iPad?
  107. Moving an icon to another screen in iPad?
  108. The working of ‘Encrypt Backup’ feature in iPad?
  109. Can we change the voice over sound in iPad?
  110. How to know the list of top scorers and achievements in iPad Game Center?
  111. Working with the iPad iBooks application?
  112. Controlling the podcast playback speed in iPad?
  113. How to review notes and vocabulary as Study Cards in iPad?
  114. How to change a font and edit the notes in iPad?
  115. Viewing more videos from a particular YouTube user in iPad?
  116. How to preview photos taken in iPad?
  117. Is it possible to add favourites in iPad FaceTime?
  118. Functions and uses of Reader feature in iPad?
  119. Steps to search for specific notes inside iPad?
  120. Is there option to follow a friend in iPad?
  121. Is it possible to sync the past events in iPad?
  122. What needs to be done to set the availability in iPad?
  123. How to make use of Photo Booth in iPad?
  124. Is it possible to tweet a photo in iPad?
  125. How to lock the face exposure in iPad?
  126. Sending signed and encrypted messages in iPad?
  127. How the attached files are viewed and opened in iPad?
  128. Adding an e-mail recipient to the contacts list in iPad?
  129. What are the steps for updating the carrier settings on iPad?
  130. iPad is not getting detected on the iTunes when connected to the system?
  131. Is it possible to use multiple ipads with windows computer?
  132. How do I make sure that the apps that I have purchased for my iPad does not get removed from the device accidentally?
  133. What are the features of the new Bento app for the iPad?
  134. Kindle documents lost on 3.1 update
  135. Unable to send or receive e-mail on Exchange Account via iPad 2
  136. Birthdays not showing on Google contacts synced to iPad 3
  137. Changing web address in Safari bookmark on iPad 2
  138. Game account not recognizing name or e-mail
  139. Preventing automatic downloading of PDF files in e-mail
  140. Changing the language back to English
  141. Locking the touch screen while running app
  142. Syncing photos from specific folders in iPad 1
  143. Unable to locate ‘+’ symbol on iPad 2 for adding an event on calendar
  144. Does GPS in Apple's iPad 3 need any internet connection to work properly?
  145. Not able to receive email on iPad but can send mails?
  146. How to show a power point presentation on a TV using iPad?
  147. Mails coming to the Gmail account on the iPad are getting truncated
  148. Getting a blurred image or a pinkish image on the projector screen when connecting iPad to the projector?
  149. Is it possible to download and view a full season of a TV serial on my iPad?
  150. How to change the typing feedback in iPad?
  151. Working of Notes app on iPad, how to view chapters in the notes?
  152. How to look up for any specific word in iPad iBooks application?
  153. Editing and viewing the account information in iPad?
  154. Is it possible to download a previously purchased app on to iPad?
  155. What needs to be done for viewing tracks on an album in iPad?
  156. How to enable Timezone support for iPad?
  157. Exploring the option to add and update calendar events directly in iPad?
  158. Streaming videos on iPad using an AV cable and VGA Adapter?
  159. How to upload photos from iPad to computer?
  160. Comparison between iPad 3 and Samsung Galaxy Note
  161. Saving passwords on iPad 2 via Safari
  162. Delay while playing video on iPad 2
  163. Unable to delete edited photos in iPhoto
  164. Not able to access iCloud Settings on iPad 1
  165. iBook on iPad 2 not connecting to iTunes store
  166. How to print eBay Shipping Labels via iPad 2?
  167. Unable to set Apple ID in Apple Configurator Preferences
  168. iPad 2 not recognizing headphones
  169. How to set up AirPlay with multiple Airport Express?
  170. Text overlapping while using table in iPad 2
  171. Unable to download Yahoo Messenger on iPad 2
  172. Apple Configurator can’t delete metadata from music and books on iPad 2
  173. Not able to connect Apple Composite Audio Video (AV) cable with iPad 2
  174. How to solve Google Redirect issue on Safari?
  175. Unable to stop downloading TV series via iTunes
  176. Not able to browse through Safari while connecting iPad 2 to 3G network
  177. Unable to extend auto-lock time on iPad 2
  178. How to initiate Face Time call on iPad 3?
  179. How to reduce the size of photo for sending as e-mail attachment via iPad 2?
  180. Error 3194 while upgrading iPad 2 from IOS 3.2.2 to IOS 4.1.2
  181. Printing issues while printing from iPad 3 to HP Photosmart Premium
  182. How to print a document from iPad 2 to Kodak EasyShare C143?
  183. Transferring photos from Nikon Coolpix P510 to iPad 2
  184. iPad 2 not recognizing video clips from SD card
  185. No sound in my newly bought iPad2
  186. Is it possible to set email on iPad without using iTunes?
  187. What should I do if iPad is not getting connected to the new wireless router?
  188. What should I do if the camera shutter sound is turned off on iPad?
  189. Is it possible to play AVI videos on the iPad?
  190. Exploring the possibility of connecting a wireless mouse to the iPad?
  191. What should I do if iPad shows an error asking to connect to a wifi network or use iTunes for viewing a TV show?
  192. Google maps not detecting locations with Wi-Fi modem
  193. Disabling Rotation lock on iPad 2
  194. Unable to play/sync AVI videos via iTunes
  195. Replaying iTunes U video many times on iPad 3
  196. Unable to find video redirection on iPad 3 to enable mirroring
  197. Not able to access the YouTube history in iPad 2
  198. How to view photo names on Photo App?
  199. Blocking individual websites on iPad 2 in the Safari browser
  200. Faint sound while using earphones with iPad 1
  201. Uploading pictures into dropbox on iPad 3
  202. Why should we have iCloud subscription in iPad?
  203. Does the latest iPad make use of only a single speaker?
  204. How many home screens can be created in iPad?
  205. Can we replace battery for iPad from a local shop? Is it advisable?
  206. Opening the micro SIM card tray from iPad?
  207. Unable to login to Game Center after upgrading iPad 2 to IOS 5.1.1
  208. Safari redirects to ad sites instead of original website
  209. Printing documents from iPad 2 via Epson Artisan 835 wireless printer
  210. Unable to connect PC/laptop with iPad 3
  211. Unable to open downloaded programmes on iPad 2
  212. iPad 2 shows message “iTunes library cannot be saved” while syncing to iTunes
  213. Setting up existing Google Apps account on iPad 3
  214. Changing Game Center password on iPad 2
  215. Face Time app on iPad 2 shows always busy mode
  216. Taking snapshot of the screen while using Face Time
  217. Unable to use Face Time as microphone not working after IOS 5.1.1 upgrade
  218. Face Time on iPad 2 not recognizing password
  219. Voice quality degrading while using Plantronics Voyager 815 with iPhone 3G
  220. Unable to AirPrint from iPad 2 via HP D110
  221. Unable to select calendars even though it appears on calendar app
  222. How easy is to add a word to the keyboard dictionary in iPad?
  223. How to choose a software keyboard layout in iPad?
  224. Accessing and viewing the user guide with iBooks app in iPad?
  225. Enabling iCloud backups and how to buy more iCloud storage in iPad?
  226. How to make use of multi-tasking gestures in iPad?
  227. What are the features for the app Smart alarm clock for an iPad?
  228. What are the various contact settings that can be changed on the iPad?
  229. What are the various add on information that can be provided for a contact on iPad?
  230. How to respond to meeting invitations on the iPad?
  231. The steps to add an event into the calendar on iPad?
  232. Transferring photos from iPad 2 to Snapfish directly
  233. Unable to play X-Plane 9 on iPad 3
  234. Key note presentation plays automatically in endless loop
  235. How to use personal hotspot as Wi-Fi for connecting the printer?
  236. iCloud calendar entries not reflecting to Windows 7 laptop properly
  237. Transferring songs from laptop using Windows Ultimate to iPad 2
  238. Wireless keyboard auto-filling letters and numbers
  239. How to import pictures from Canon D450 to iPad 2?
  240. How to remove Favourites sidebar from Face Time in iPad 2?
  241. Unable to access documents created using Pages App
  242. Compare iPad and Laptop in terms of features,specifications and Price
  243. Unable to use App Store on iPad
  244. How to Export documents from iWork back to Computer?
  245. iPad taking too much time to Charge
  246. iPad overheating problem
  247. How to download a podcast and view it on iPad 2?
  248. Deleting website from Recent Searches box on iPad 2
  249. How to play music on iPad 2 from iTunes library located in Windows computer?
  250. How to set up wall paper on iPad 2 Lock Screen?