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  1. iPad 4 camera stopped working all of a sudden
  2. Call sound became very poor on iPad 2 after iOS 6 update
  3. Pad Mini not working after installing iOS 7 beta update
  4. iPad 1 got bricked after updating it with iOS 6.1.3
  5. Cannot rotate photos on iPad 1 all of a sudden
  6. iPad 2 getting overheated within 20 minutes of use
  7. iPad 4 facing terrible battery drainage after iOS beta 7
  8. iPad 1 speaker not working at all after iOS 6.1.4 update
  9. iPad 4 contacts not syncing with Gmail contacts
  10. Pad 3 contacts not syncing with Yahoo mail contacts
  11. Unable to download new games on iPad 2 after jailbreaking it
  12. Cannot save new images on iPad 2 after iOS 6.1.4 update
  13. SMS notification tone stopped working on iPad 3 all of a sudden
  14. Twitter notification not working on iPad 3 after iOS 6.0.3 update
  15. Flash games not working on iPad 2
  16. Unable to install Adobe Air on iPad 3
  17. iMovies not working on iPad 4 after iOS 7 beta update
  18. Problems with Facebook login on iPad 2 after iOS 6.1.3 update
  19. Google Maps does not show proper route on iPad 4
  20. iMessage not working on iPad 4
  21. Wallpaper moving on its own on iPad 4
  22. Cannot play Angry birds on iPad 3 all of a sudden
  23. Unable to set routes on MAPs in an iPad 3
  24. Sometimes iPad 2 fails to receive Messages sent from an iPhone 4S
  25. How to delete an application permanently from both iCloud and an iPad 3?
  26. Not getting any sound during an incoming call or message in iPad 2
  27. Unable to play Games on iPad 3 because it turns on and off in the middle
  28. Unable to import Photos from iPad 3 to windows 8 Computer
  29. iPhone 4 doesn't record volume when i start video recording
  30. My iPad is not able to recognize photos present on my SD card
  31. Getting an error message "The iPad could not be restored. The disk you are attempting to use is full" in an iPad
  32. iTunes not able to recognize my iPad Mini which prevents me from updating the iTunes
  33. Unable to use the Call Waiting Functionality after an iOS 6 upgrade
  34. My iPad 2 is not connecting to my WiFi
  35. How to upgrade the iOS version of an iPad 2 to iOS 4.3?
  36. How to share Internet from Ipad2 to Laptop?
  37. Unable to open an Apple App store in iPad 3
  38. How to synchronize Notes present on my Mac Computer to iPad?
  39. iPad stopped recognizing that, a particular contact is using an iPhone or not
  40. Internal Microphone and Speaker stops working while making a call in an iPad 3
  41. iMessage stopped recognizing Password on iPad 3
  42. How to change the Country in iTunes Store?
  43. Attachments getting delayed in being sent via Mail app in iPad 2
  44. Music Playlist not getting reordered in my iPad 2 after iOS upgrade
  45. Add album option is not being shown in my iPad 3
  46. Subscriptions not getting downloaded in my iPad 2
  47. Experiencing trouble in moving the cursor after installation of notability app
  48. PDF files not saving in iBook on my iPad 2
  49. iPad 2 restoring on entering the wrong passcode eight times
  50. Background sound not getting paused on pausing the song in my iPad 1
  51. iPad 3rd Generation giving error while trying to upgrade the iOS
  52. Pdf not appearing clear in my iPad 2
  53. Unable to delete any photo in iPad 2 due to some unknow error
  54. Safari browser crashing in iPad Mini after an iOS 6.1 upgrade
  55. iPad Mini getting stuck during app download from App store after iOS update
  56. Unable to download videos from iTunes store in iPad Mini
  57. iTunes is unable to detect iPad 4 after iOS update
  58. Unable to play songs on my iPad 4 after iOS update
  59. Error “Network connection is timed out”, while try to update iPad Mini through iTunes
  60. Mail app getting freezed in iPad 2
  61. HD videos not playing on Youtube in my iPad 4
  62. Unable to set password in my iPad 3
  63. Can not upload photos in blog from iPad 3
  64. iPad 1 freezes during download of National Geographic edition
  65. Can not enable iCloud backup in my iPad 3
  66. Not able to send messages from my iPad 2
  67. iPad 2 showing wrong IP address
  68. My iPad 3 is turning off automatically after every 2 minutes.
  69. Incorrect password automatically entered on some sites.
  70. What should I do if my iPad 3 keeps selecting things without touching the screen on own?
  71. How to get all my Notes back if I lost it in my iPad 2?
  72. Photos are getting uploaded in low resolution on my iPad 3
  73. iMessage application crashing when trying to launch it from iPad 3
  74. Error 1440 when trying to sync up iPad 4 with iTunes
  75. Fix for Purchase error in iPad 2?
  76. Lightning to sd cable not working with iPad Mini
  77. Sound is not working at all after software update in my iPad 3
  78. Unable to delete the photo album in iPad 3
  79. Unable to verify email error when trying to login to FaceTime on iPad 2
  80. iPad 2 screen just went black when using it with apps
  81. What should be done if my iPad 2 volume button got stuck?
  82. Instructions to change the country in iPad Mini?
  83. How to switch off the auto renewal message in Hulu app on iPad 3?
  84. Sent mail are not showing up in Gmail on iPad 2
  85. Error 550 signature incorrect when trying to send mails from iPad 3
  86. Instructions to change the age restriction in iPad 3
  87. Fix for low memory crash in iPad first generation?
  88. iPad 2 asks for login every time the Mail app is refreshed
  89. Wireless laser printers are not working with iPad 3
  90. App updates getting freezed in iPad 2
  91. Problem uploading photos on Facebook in iPad 2
  92. iMessage application not saving history in my iPad 3
  93. iPad 3 is unstable even after doing a full restore
  94. Instagram freezed when trying to upload photo in iPad 2
  95. Instructions to use split screen in iPad 3
  96. Try again later error when trying to activate facetime on iPad 3
  97. Keypad not showing up when wanted to type in the information in iPad 2
  98. Problem deleting the Dropbox cache file in iPad 4
  99. iPad 3 Facetime poor picture quality problem
  100. How can I restore a deleted video in an iPad that I had not saved/backed up?
  101. iPad Mini not connecting to the iTunes Store
  102. How to disable HTTP in safari?
  103. How to use video calling using skype on iPad 1?
  104. Crashing issues while search Apps on iTunes App search
  105. How to put Photos and Applications in iCloud App on an iPad 2?
  106. Battery in iPad is discharging regularly despite very low usage
  107. Keys not responding in iPad 3. What to do?
  108. IPAD 3 video freezes intermittently
  109. Where is the Trash Folder for Email on the mini iPad?
  110. Lost all Music files which originally came with my iPad
  111. Not able to apply Restriction in Android Mobile
  112. There is no Update Section on my iPad
  113. How do I change iCloud account information?
  114. Trying to reset iPad to factory settings but getting spinning circle
  115. What is the date of launch of an iPad Mini 2?
  116. iPad stopped working after an attempt of update via iTunes
  117. My safari Icon has disappeared in an iPad ?
  118. How to use Internet on iPad 4 Retina?
  119. How to get Media files in Non Synced or Disabled iPad?
  120. Siri Showing Weird Issue: Produces opening and closing sound but doesn't do anything
  121. WiFi working but iPad 4 is not showing its icon any More
  122. PDF files tranferred to iPad 4 via iTunes doesn't appear in file Manager
  123. iPad 1 over heating after the screen change
  124. Not able to Play Games on iPad 2
  125. Distorted sound Comes out through the headphones in iPad 2
  126. Lost phone numbers on iPad 3 3G after sync
  127. iTunes not letting me restore my iPad
  128. No ringing on facetime in iPad 2
  129. No music or videos on iPad mini after connecting to laptop
  130. Backup to iCloud problem in iPad 3
  131. Books from iPad 3 not showing up on desktop
  132. Bluetooth keyboard dictation option not found in my iPad
  133. App store update page showing up blank in new iPad
  134. iPad 2 not accessing home network
  135. Unable to open PDF files with password
  136. Unable to attach or upload documents in mail in Browser
  137. Unable to update to iOS 6.1 on iPad 3
  138. iPad 2 frozen on not enough space. What should I do?
  139. Good housekeeping magazine not showing up in my collections
  140. No Wi-Fi symbol on the top in new iPad
  141. Audio CDs added on iTunes are not playing on iPad 2
  142. Unable to copy photos from iPad to computer
  143. iPad one not rotating the screen at all
  144. Not able to delete any apps on new iPad
  145. iPad 3 Wi-Fi signal strength changes on its own
  146. iPad won't Play Purchased Song from iTunes
  147. How to remove the iTunes Duplicates in an iPad?
  148. None of the Application Open in an iPad
  149. Assistive touch causes Ipad 4 to Hang
  150. iPad 3 shows "Not charging" but seems to charge very slowly
  151. How to move the position of items in the bookmark bar in safari?
  152. Safari Problem: Deletes the username and password, Once log in button is clicked
  153. Displayout App not working properly with iPad 2. Only shows the half of screen on TV
  154. How to get rid of an error message "epublish.ardil.pt:80 this is a error" in iPad 2?
  155. How to transfer the files from a computer to the iPad?
  156. How is it possible to identify a stolen iPad?
  157. Screen turns yellow on iPad 3
  158. How to factory reset iPad Mini?
  159. How to allow multiplayer games on iPad?
  160. How to connect ZAGG keyboard with iPad mini?
  161. Side switch of iPad doesn’t lock screen rotation.
  162. How can Skype be made to work on a jail broken iPad?
  163. Why is it not possible to play music from iPad’s music library on Apple TV?
  164. Google Chrome draining up battery on iPad 2
  165. Exchange image files missing location tags on iPad 2
  166. Getting rid of emails from server on iPad
  167. Controlling iPad with the help of remote control
  168. Using TextEdit tools on iPad
  169. Using ruler for easily formatting paragraphs and texts on iPad?
  170. How to create and use offline maps and directions while travelling or trip planning on iPad?
  171. How to add page numbers to the documents on iPad?
  172. Mailing numbers, pages and keynote documents from iPad
  173. How to change the Home screen or lock screen wallpaper of your iPad?
  174. How to use folders on the Safari Bookmarks Bar to maximize the Use of Space in iPad?
  175. Transferring Excel, Word documents to iPad
  176. Best iPad app for Word and excel folders
  177. How to change the Password of the Modem used for iPad?
  178. Buzzing Sound on iPad
  179. Changing Password in iPad
  180. How can a home page be set up on an iPad browser?
  181. Unable to find the spacebar on iPad’s virtual keyboard
  182. Sidebar missing in iTunes on iPad
  183. Opening attachment video on iPad
  184. Is it possible to control music on iPad without waking up the screen?
  185. Restoring the color settings on iPad
  186. How can the lost contacts be restored on iPad?
  187. How can the stuck up app on iPad be made to work again?
  188. Change the home page of safari in iPad
  189. How to force quit an app in iPad?
  190. How can the backup process be permanently disabled from iPad?
  191. How to enable three figure zooming in iPad?
  192. How do I enable keyclick sound on iPad Mini?
  193. Problem related in loading videos in iPad
  194. Screen rotation in iPad
  195. How to Transfer the contacts to iPhone?
  196. Bar Code app for iPhones
  197. Sending Messages in iPad
  198. Transferring Data Plan to iPad
  199. Save location on map through iPad
  200. How to invert colors on iPad screen?
  201. How to force quit application on iPad?
  202. How to enable or disable ‘Shake to Shuffle’ feature on Apple iPad?
  203. How to delete an app folder from iPad?
  204. How to clear apps from the ‘sync app screen’ of the iPad?
  205. Is it possible to set a bookmark in iBook on iPad?
  206. How to prevent syncing of new apps between the multiple devices using iPad?
  207. How to Sync the bookmarks out of Google Chrome to iPad?
  208. How to go to a specific page in iBooks through iPad?
  209. What can be done to Sync notes with Outlook in iPad?
  210. How to create folders in iPad?
  211. How to avoid the autolock stopping the music iPhone?
  212. Unlocking the iPad 4S
  213. Movie conversion in iPad
  214. Connecting Internet without using Wi-fi connection
  215. Conversion of videos to iPad without losing its clarity
  216. How to show the photos of iPad on TV
  217. How to make the face time camera work on iPad2?
  218. Downloading books in iBooks in the iPad
  219. Adding and Deleting a Mailbox in iPad
  220. How to Change the name of Apple ID of iPad3?
  221. Contact Transfer between the iPhone and Android
  222. How to Delete the Backups from iTunes of iPad?
  223. Deleting recorded videos from iPad
  224. How can the album be renamed in iPad photo app?
  225. Hiding built in Apps on iPad
  226. Are there any possible ways for data connection on iPad other than wireless?
  227. Space Bar disappears during typing a Memo in an ipad
  228. Is Garage band app compatible to work on iPad1?
  229. How to fix a news app that is stuck installing on iPad3?
  230. How to make use of Siri on iPad4 handset?
  231. Is it possible to set up multiple user account on iPad3?
  232. By which option can a screen shot be taken on iPad4 iOS device?
  233. TVU player app auto closes in 20 seconds on iPad4 tab
  234. Chinese handwriting not recognizing on iPad3 iOS6 tablet
  235. Which are the options to increase the storage capacity on iPad2 tab?
  236. Is it possible to access Edge when 3G is not available on iPad4?
  237. Which is the latest Skype app version compatible with iPad3 handset?
  238. Is there any option to remove a problem creating preloaded calendar app on iPad2?
  239. How to pair a wireless mouse with iOS6 supported iPad3?
  240. Dictation feature failed working on iPad4 tab running on iOS6
  241. iPad2 switches off when connecting to 802.11n Wi-Fi network
  242. How to remove selected contacts on iCloud on iPad2 device?
  243. How to move data between mail folders on iPad4 tab?
  244. Which option is to be checked for iTunes Match subscription on iPad3?
  245. Unable to access any options on iPad3 while on charging mode
  246. New iPad tab not recognizing Bluetooth devices after last iOS upgrade
  247. What is the maximum supported video resolution of iPad4 tablet?
  248. How to add fonts to iWork on iOS6 supported iPad3?
  249. Steps to set Opera Mini as default browser on iPad4 tab
  250. iPad4 screen went red on new travel app installation