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  1. Unable to open mpg & vmv attachements on iPad 3
  2. Calendar appointments set up on iPad 2 shows wrong time zone
  3. How to retrieve older calendar events on iPad 3?
  4. Finding apps which takes more space on iPad 2
  5. Cannot connect iPad 2 to iPhone personal hotspot
  6. ‘Sent Mail’ alert tone get changed on iPad 2 after upgrading to IOS 6
  7. Not able to hear keyboard clicking sound from iPad 3 since IOS 6 upgrade
  8. Deleting episodes of TV shows watched through iPad 2 running on IOS 6
  9. Unable to add names into VIP folder on iPad 2
  10. iPad 3 can’t find AirPrint compatible HP Photosmart 7510 printer
  11. Bookmarks missing from iPad 2 after installing IOS 6 update
  12. Need to know about a Record keeping App for an iPad
  13. Unable to retrieve the emails on my GMail account in iPad 2
  14. What is the real difference between a 16 and 32 GB iPad 2?
  15. iPad screen went blank and silent
  16. iPad 2 shows installing but never install anything
  17. Authentication Required on IPAD 3???
  18. What has to be done for making calculations through iPad 2?
  19. Is it possible to use iPad 3 as a Digital Photo Frame from the lock screen?
  20. Arranging icons and storing in a folder in iPad 2
  21. Moving multiple apps from home page to other screens on iPad 2
  22. Merging split keyboard on iPad 2
  23. Unable to login to some websites through iPad 3 since IOS 6 upgrade
  24. Cannot view battery charge indicator while charging iPad 2
  25. iPad 3 shows white screen while accessing iTunes store
  26. Unable to use Flipboard for iPad
  27. How to make use of PadLock feature in iPad?
  28. How to sync sound tracks with an iPad?
  29. How the breakthrough retina display works in new iPad?
  30. How ultra-fast wireless works in the new iPad?
  31. iTunes of the iPad displays as ”iPad cloud could not be restored”
  32. Keynote app is not updating on iPad 2
  33. Digital TV Adapter not responding since upgrading iPad 2 to IOS 6
  34. Unable to access web pages supporting java via iPad 2
  35. Is it possible to find out stolen iPad with its serial number?
  36. Shortcuts for Apostrophe and inverted commas not working on iPad 2 upgraded to IOS 6
  37. Deleting videos from You Tube favorites through iPad 2 running on IOS 6
  38. Cannot add events to Calendar app on iPad 2
  39. Printing documents from reminder app on iPad 2
  40. Unable to hear sound from Apple TV while using HDMI adapter with iPad 3 running on IOS 6
  41. Not able to use Camera Connection Kit after upgrading iPad 2 to IOS 6
  42. Deleting ‘last imported folder’ from iPad 2 after transferring photos from SD Card adapter
  43. How to use smartboard with iPad 2?
  44. iPad 2 enables ‘Location Services’ icon while accessing You Tube
  45. App Store language get changed on iPad 2 without any prompt
  46. Cannot find Location Services on iPad 3 since IOS 6 upgrade
  47. iPad 2 get frozen while verifying Facebook
  48. Trouble in using Cellular Data network with iPad 2 while roaming abroad
  49. ‘Submit’ button on certain websites remains unresponsive while browsing through Safari on iPad 3
  50. Cannot use Kindle app properly after upgrading iPad 2 to IOS 6
  51. Preventing automatic login to captive portal through iPad 2 updated to IOS 6
  52. Unable to view website comments through iPad 3
  53. App update and installation getting stuck on iPad 3
  54. How to print slides from Keynote app on iPad 2?
  55. Unable to use HP C310 printer with iPad 2
  56. Mirroring button missing from updated iPad 2
  57. Can I use iPad 2 Dock Connector to USB cable for iPad 1?
  58. Unable to find ‘Smart Cover lock’ option after upgrading iPad 3 to IOS 6
  59. Is it possible to watch movies downloaded from iTunes through iPad 2 during AirPlane mode?
  60. Trouble in using personal hotspot with iPad 2 since IOS 6 upgrade
  61. Not able to access mail settings through iPad 2
  62. Preventing others from deleting iCloud account through iPad 2
  63. Creating separate e-mail signature for each account in iPad 3 running on IOS 6
  64. Unable to receive e-mails through iPad 2 since upgrading to IOS 6
  65. Transferring JPG pictures from PC to iPad 2
  66. iPad 3 shows error 1140 on syncing photos from iPhoto
  67. How to disable restrictions made on iPad 2 while forgotten pass code?
  68. Unable to move all photos from photo stream to new album after upgrading iPad to iOS 6
  69. Portal shutting down while browsing in iPad1
  70. Is there any option to play Internet Audio in iPad3?
  71. Onscreen Keyboard not popping up in iPad2
  72. Alert sound not working in iPad2
  73. Mail app stopped downloading attachments in iPad2
  74. Is it possible to watch NFL games on iPad3?
  75. How to listen the music by the home sharing in iTunes on iPad2?
  76. Is there any option to connect iPad2 to a projector?
  77. How to perform iPad3 airplay mirroring using iTunes?
  78. How to bookmark a song in iPad3?
  79. Dictation feature not working in iPad2
  80. Turning Apple Store Demo Screensaver ON in iPad3?
  81. Using the keyboard for English international in iPad2?
  82. Cannot access home network through iPad 2 since connecting to a network with same name
  83. How to switch from one iCloud account to another via iPad 2?
  84. Unable to log into Facebook integration through iPad 2 running on IOS 6
  85. How to delete a calendar engagement on iPad2?
  86. Cannot load App Store since upgrading iPad 2 to IOS 6
  87. Live wallpaper of my iPad2 is not working
  88. Feather Touch of my iPad is not working suddenly
  89. Email received in my iPad showing wrong Date and Time
  90. Can't retrieve the contacts synchronised with google contacts
  91. Safari browser always asking for the updation
  92. Getting erro as “No Airprint printers found” while print items via airprint printer
  93. While updating the apps in my iPad, it always displays error as “session timeout”
  94. My iPad is getting over heated often by moderate use
  95. Is it possible to lock only screen of my iPad with the security code?
  96. Is there any way to increase the downloading speed of my iPad via App store
  97. News apps in my iPad is not updating me with the latest news daily
  98. Not able to perform Multi-Tasking with my iPad
  99. Can't upload photos in facebook via iPad3
  100. Unable to use facetime apps as it displays “waiting for activation”
  101. Unable to retrieve the folder hidden in my iPad
  102. Unable to rearrange the icons in my iPad
  103. Unable to set favorite ring tones in my iPad
  104. Unable to view my mail in iPad3 as Landscape mode
  105. Unable to set windows hotmail in my iPad
  106. Attachments in the mail is missing after reaching recipient
  107. Unable to hear audio of my iPad completely via headset, getting a strange sound with it
  108. iPad starts flickering once I power down the device sometimes
  109. Facetime apps freezes sometimes while accessing via iPad
  110. iPad got struck in the middle of restoring via iTunes
  111. iPad music background play stops when I enters in to game apps
  112. The power button of my iPad is acting as lock icon in my iPad3
  113. Unable to remove the conversation history of skype and google talk
  114. Dictation feature of iPad is not working in my new iPad2
  115. iPad is not getting locked after upgrading the iOS
  116. Unable to activate the face lock in my iPad3
  117. Some of the shortcuts of my iPad apps disappeared suddenly without any reason
  118. The WebCam of my iPad2 is not working properly
  119. Can’t play some of the videos in the website using my iPad which is flash supported
  120. iPad sound is not audible after installing the audio booster
  121. No change in the sound equalizer even after setting up the proper connection in audio
  122. Is it possible to create presentation using my iPad3?
  123. Is there any way to hide/unhide the purchase in iTunes store of my iPad?
  124. Unable to disable the automatic downloads of music via iTunes in my iPad
  125. Unable to connect my iPad to Wireless modem using WiFi connection
  126. iPad crashes often while trying to connect it to bluetooth pairing devices
  127. Some major keys of wireless keyboard are not working after connecting it to my iPad
  128. Some of the items is not attaching while using my iPad with Gmail & Facebook apps
  129. Some of the Apps shortcuts are not visible in my iPad’s home screen after rebooting my iPad once
  130. Media center of iTunes is not recognizing my iPad while connecting via PC
  131. iPad is not displaying the lyrics of the sony playing in the music player
  132. Unable to transfer ringtones from iPad3 to iPhone
  133. iPad3 is not getting connected to external speakers after upgrading it to iOS 6
  134. Speaker icon is visible at the center of my iPad
  135. Disabling the restriction option in iPad3
  136. iPad starts flickering soon when I connect the charger point into it
  137. iPad’s safari browser is not saving the bookmarks as before
  138. Not able to uninstall some unwanted apps in my iPad after upgrading to latest iOS
  139. iPad3 always goes into sleep mode all the time
  140. Missing some major files after restoring apps in my iPad
  141. Getting an error message as “cannot scan for wireless networks” while trying to connect my iPad to home network
  142. Notification feature of my iPad is not working and I can’t able to notify the problem & activities of my iPad
  143. iPad2 is not waking up once i turned it into sleep mode during updating process
  144. Unable to view some documents using my iPad’s document viewer
  145. Timezone of my iPad shows wrong information after upgrading it to the latest iOS
  146. Bluetooth of my iPad is not enabling even after tapping it many times
  147. Google map’s satellite mode is not loading completely in my iPad’s safari browser
  148. Unable to deactivate the iMessages apps in my iPad2
  149. Some Apps in my iPad are auto-closing without any prior reason
  150. iCalendar apps event does not appear in my iPad and fails to remind the same
  151. Not able to delete the corrupted files including the backup files
  152. iPad is not visible in my iTunes so I can’t able to sync my iPad
  153. The Bookmarks of my iPad browser is missing out after upgrading the iOS
  154. Unable to update my iPad as it displays “The Session Timed Out”
  155. Unable to open the apps transferred from my iPhone to iPad
  156. Unable to sign in to my yahoo mail due to access failure without any valid error
  157. Unable to stop some apps downloading on all devices
  158. iPad map shows two different locations depends on the day & night
  159. Youtube Apps is not Working in my iPad 3
  160. How can I delete the empty last import Albums on my iPad 2?
  161. iPad’s WiFi connection constantly disconnected during some operation
  162. No Alert on Incoming Call by Face Time in iPad 2
  163. Can iPad3 support a USB mouse?
  164. How to remove duplicated albums on iPad 3?
  165. Removing a split screen from mail on iPad 2
  166. Resizing photos for export in iPad1
  167. Camera page remains black in iPad2
  168. “Grainy” looking photos in iPad2
  169. Photostream application issues in iPad 3 after turning on iCloud
  170. iPad2 Safari crashing regularly
  171. How to pair a wireless keyboard with iPad2?
  172. iPad3 making beep sounds constantly on charging
  173. Can iPad3 read sdxc cards?
  174. Calendar Crashing while setting events in iPad3
  175. iPad 3 not working with ihome iD9 dock
  176. Camera App not working on iPad3
  177. Refund for mistakenly purchased app in iPad3?
  178. Does iPad2 support Adobe flash?
  179. How to block certain videos in YouTube in iPad2?
  180. Unable to add new mail account in iPad2
  181. How to change alternate ID to primary ID in iPad3?
  182. Mail app crashes while deleting mails in iPad2
  183. How to turn off Game Center in iPad2?
  184. Unable to activate FaceTime application in iPad3
  185. How to sort music by date added in iPad2?
  186. Wi-Fi Connected: but no internet access in iPad3
  187. How to check warranty of iPad3?
  188. Black screen keeps loading in iPad3
  189. Synching photos to iPad2 gets stuck in between
  190. Steps for eliminating multiple lines in address book in iPad3
  191. How to fix issues signing into iMessage from iPad 2?
  192. Notification center does not make alert sound when receiving notifications in iPad2
  193. Unable to move messages to trash in iPad2
  194. How to prevent loosing data when rebooting in iPad2?
  195. Unable to download some books in iBooks in iPad2
  196. Fixing some strange sound in iPad2 at times?
  197. Deleting hidden video files in iPad2?
  198. Is it possible to access dictionary on iPad3?
  199. Contact list disappeared all of a sudden in iPad2
  200. FaceTime not working properly in iPad2
  201. Unable to make or receive video calls on facetime in iPad3
  202. How to mail a link from iPad?
  203. Is it possible to record audio notes in iPad?
  204. Unable to open the e-mail attachments in iPad
  205. How to add Gmail calendars to an iPad?
  206. What are the enhancements with iBooks 1.5 version in iPad3?
  207. Safari app failing repeatedly in iPad3
  208. How to check whether Push mail is enabled in iPad2?
  209. Cannot upload documents as iWork displays message “Getting Started” in iPad2
  210. Restarting the Contacts app in iPad2
  211. How to configure additional outgoing servers in iPad3?
  212. Setting up MSN account on iPad with iOS 5 and later?
  213. Bluetooth settings getting grayed out in iPad2
  214. Not able to sync data over a WiFi network from iPad3
  215. Uses of CNBC Real-Time application in iPad
  216. Setting up Windows Live Hotmail in iPad3
  217. Change billing address, or payment information in iPad3
  218. Retrieving camera icon on iPad 3 home screen
  219. Tips for protecting Apple ID in use with iPad2
  220. Rotating a photo in iPhoto in iPad3
  221. Verifying the primary email address for Apple ID in use with iPad2
  222. Is Pinterest now available for the iPad
  223. Making an instant slideshow in iPhoto in iPad3
  224. Features of Acme Made Slick Case for iPad
  225. Finding Apple ID in iPad3
  226. Uses of M-Edge Destination Bag for iPad
  227. Adding phonetic symbols to a contact for Siri in iPad3
  228. Disabling In-App Purchases in iPad3
  229. Preventing auto-filling letters and numbers with wireless keyboard in iPad3
  230. Supported languages in Dictation in iPad3
  231. Syncing photos from a Windows PC to iPad3 using photo applications
  232. Disabling voice activation feature in iPad 3
  233. How to insert basic Latin symbols on iPad2
  234. Features of Weebly app in iPad3
  235. How to stream videos from iPad 3 to Samsung Smart TV?
  236. Is it possible to use WYSIWYG on iPad 3?
  237. Cydia error "sub-process/Utf/bin/dpkg returned an error code(2)".How to fix it?
  238. Does iPad 3 wifi works only with WiFi?
  239. How to see the Time and Date of taking Photos in iPad 3?
  240. New iPad taking 6-7 hours to charge 70%.Is it normal?
  241. How to use newsstand to read rss feeds in iPad?
  242. How to check whether newly purchased iPad was used or not?
  243. How does Sync with wifi works on iPad 3?
  244. Home Button not working properly in iPad 2
  245. How to create and edit shortcuts in iPad2?
  246. Is there any option to purchase a game friend has downloaded from Game Centre?
  247. Steps to delete an item from the bookshelf in iPad2?
  248. Enabling AirPlay mirroring from iPad3?
  249. How to view a photo’s information using iPhoto in iPad2?
  250. How to control Game Center actions in iPad2?