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  1. What should I do if the videos played comes upside down in my iPad?
  2. iPad is not getting recognized even after plugging in to the iTunes
  3. Need to double click in the apps in order to open it
  4. Is it true that iPad doesn't support HTML 5.0 webpages?
  5. The special effects of my iPad music player is not working so the effects sounds bad
  6. Getting ringer sound on incoming call even after putting my iPad in silent mode
  7. Unable to uninstall Kaspersky Antivirus on my iPad which was preinstalled
  8. Always showing that iPad is not responding on some tasks
  9. Unable to import photos to iPad from my PC
  10. iCloud security copy blocks iPad 2 screen
  11. ‘Slide to Unlock/Power off’ feature not working with iPad 2
  12. E-mail screen won’t spin while rotating iPad 2
  13. Keyboard is turning to German layout after installing IOS 6 update into iPad 2
  14. Cannot move from horizontal orientation while accessing e-mail through iPad 2
  15. iPad shows Out of Space.What does it mean?
  16. Skype not behaving as usual
  17. What are the best alternatives of Youtube Application in iOS 6?
  18. Safari Browser crashes after opening just two or three websites successfully
  19. Auto Rejoin feature not working in iPad 3
  20. How to add an external Hard Drive in an iPad?
  21. iPad 3 takes more than 8 hours to charge.Is it normal?
  22. Apple's official Map application hangs more often in iPad 3
  23. How to get Youtube Application after an iOS 6 upgrade?
  24. iPad 2 restarts automatically since IOS 6 upgrade
  25. Removing all information from iPad 3
  26. Calendar data missing since upgrading iPad 2 to IOS 6
  27. iPad 2 locked up with ‘Not enough iCloud storage’ message
  28. iPad 2 says “Account Information needed” message while updating apps
  29. Not able to enter new events into the calendar on iPad?
  30. How to send replies to the messages that come through iMessage?
  31. Not able to use FaceTime after upgrading iOS software on my iPad?
  32. What are the features of the app Skitch for my new iPad?
  33. Streaming Youtube videos on apple TV after upgrading iPad to iOS 6?
  34. Steps to install the app Facebook Page Manager app on new iPad?
  35. Making real time drawings on pics or notes with airplay on new iPad
  36. Is it possible to turn off location services used by Safari on iPad?
  37. How to transfer photos from old iPad to new iPad?
  38. Not receiving a copy of the messages sent from my iPad on iPhone?
  39. How to install the app Crazy Taxi on new iPad?
  40. Preventing the mail alerts from popping up on iPad?
  41. Not able to download any apps from the iTunes after upgrading iPad to iOS6?
  42. Issues in accessing mails on iPad after upgrading the OS?
  43. How to turn off night mode for the camera on iPad?
  44. What are the features of the app Camera+ for ipad?
  45. Steps to save photos from Facebook on new iPad?
  46. How to work with picture frame feature on new iPad?
  47. Getting a no SIM card installed error on my new iPad?
  48. Difficulty in sending note on iPad via email?
  49. What are the features of the game Chess on my iPad?
  50. Trouble in sending videos through mail app on iPad 2
  51. iPad 2 screen shows pixilated grey bar
  52. Unable to start MSN video on iPad 2
  53. Images get scrambled on iPad 2
  54. Unable to re-login Game Center on iPad 3
  55. Can I find a virus scan app for iPad 2 running on IOS 6?
  56. Removing duplicate song from iPad 2
  57. IOS 6 download get interrupted on iPad 3
  58. Unable to download printer driver into iPad 2 through Safari
  59. AirPlay mirroring not working on Apple TV since upgrading iPad 2 to IOS 6
  60. Deleting the photos or videos imported to iPad 2 through Camera Connection Kit
  61. E-Mail account not working in ipad 3
  62. Is there any need of antivirus on iPad 3?
  63. Facing latency issue with Quick Time video
  64. How to play .avi format files in iPad 3?
  65. iPad not syncs to iTunes
  66. Home button stopped working in an iPad
  67. iPad 2 displays blue line over the top part of the screen
  68. Apps tend to open and close by itself on iPad 2 since IOS 6 update
  69. iPad 2 says ‘wrong password’ while logging into FaceTime
  70. POP accounts delete e-mails automatically from iPad 2
  71. Watching mirrored images on Apple TV from iPad 2
  72. Is it possible to send iMessage on iPad 2 with Bluetooth keyboard?
  73. Restoring deleted notes from iPad 2 using iTunes back up
  74. Login error while accessing iMessage through iPad 2
  75. iPad 2 screen get frozen upside down
  76. Removing non-existing e-mail address from iPad 2
  77. Converting .ithmb files created while syncing iPad 2 with iTunes
  78. How to resize the photos taken on iPad 2?
  79. Trouble in streaming movies from PC to iPad 2 via iTunes Home Sharing
  80. Not able to view Apple TV icon on iPad 2
  81. Is it possible to connect iPad 2 with Hewlett Packard desk jet ink advantage 4625 printer?
  82. Unable to quit the contact screen in FaceTime on iPad 2
  83. Does diminishing Oleophobic coating affect the responsiveness of iPad 2 screen?
  84. Videos transmitted through Skype on iPad 2 displays purple haze since IOS 6 upgrade
  85. iPad 2 shows the address typed into iMessage in red color
  86. Getting error while attaching Camera Connection Kit with iPad 2
  87. How to highlight notes in iBook?
  88. Sound not working in iPad 3
  89. iPad 2 showing pictures even when the screen is locked
  90. Unable to delete synced photos from iPad 2
  91. Safari menu bar get changed to black color on iPad 2
  92. Scrollbar comes in the middle of iPad 2 screen
  93. Unable to use iTunes with iPad 2 running on IOS 5.1.1
  94. iPad 2 get infected with DNS Changer
  95. iPad 3 says ‘no Facebook account registered’ while uploading photos or videos into Facebook
  96. E-mail alerts not working on iPad 2 upgraded to IOS 6
  97. Weak Wi-Fi connection since installing IOS 6 into iPad 2
  98. How to disable private browsing in iPad 2?
  99. Guitar Tuner app not working properly in my iPad
  100. Facing problem to connect with the Wi-Fi HP Officejet printer
  101. Getting DNS problem in my iPad when connecting to the Wi-Fi
  102. Unable to Sync contacts of my iPad to Facebook
  103. Is there any way to cancel the update in my iPad?
  104. How to get the secondary gun in Black Ops game in my iPad?
  105. Unable to do the Carrier setting update in my iPad
  106. Getting error when trying to check for update in my iPad 2
  107. Whether iPad will cause some problem to my eye if used for long time?
  108. What should I do if I am unable use the iPad?
  109. Songs from the album doesn’t play in iPad after buying it for cost
  110. Home button getting automatically pressed in my iPad after I dropped it by mistake
  111. Is it possible for me to get the iPad replaced if the apps just closes forcefully and when trying to browser safari comes to the home screen?
  112. How to disable the ads which is showing up in my iPad time to time? Is this a virus or something?
  113. Only the left channel works whenever I try to connect the speaker or the earphone in my iPad 3.5mm jack
  114. Video is not visible properly after recording it in iMovies in my iPad 2
  115. Is it possible to climb the warranty for my iPad if it got a dent in the side?
  116. Siri software is not showing in my iPad 2 even after the iOS 6 update
  117. iPad charger is not working while I am able to charge the the iPod with the same charger
  118. What can I do if I am unable to restore my iPad back again?
  119. Unable to play Metalstorm:Wingman game in my iPad
  120. Facing sound distortion problem in iPad
  121. Unable to login to the iTunes store with my account information in my iPad
  122. iPad is getting charged only for 12% after putting it in the wall charger for 12-13 hours
  123. Unable to connect my iPad with Wetsell 327W router
  124. Home button icon missing in my iPad after restarting it with the new apps installed
  125. The next button is not found while trying to setup my iPad
  126. Unable to download or update any apps or games in my iPad 2
  127. iPad not getting detected with iTunes in my Toshiba laptop
  128. iPad 2 asks for credit details even when the app which I am trying to download is for free
  129. iPad goes to sleep mode for very long time after closing it with the Smart Cover
  130. Is there any application available which makes the Virtual touch keyboard in my iPad to work more efficiently?
  131. iMessage app is not working when I try to send message from my iPad
  132. Does the white iPad distracts a lot when working with it because of it’s color?
  133. my iPad unable to play the 1080p video files
  134. Poor performance of iPad 3 in 3D games
  135. iPad 3 not giving any response to Taps
  136. Setting up iPad 2 to erase data automatically on failing to enter lock code
  137. Auto-lock is getting delayed on iPad 2
  138. Incorrect profile picture shown on iMessage send through iPad 3
  139. How to fill contact information automatically on web forms through iPad 2?
  140. Setting up credit card information in iTunes into ‘None’ for downloading free apps from iTunes Store into iPad 2
  141. Disabling auto-correction on iPad 2 upgraded to IOS 6
  142. Cannot remove ‘iCloud Backup’ message from iPad 2
  143. Restoring iPad 2 keyboard to bottom part of the screen
  144. Cannot use Volume control buttons on iPad 2
  145. iPad 2 not rotating its screen even after a reboot
  146. iPad 2 can’t send notes through Mail app since IOS 6 update
  147. Not able to sync photos from Camera Roll in iPad 2 to PC running on Windows 7
  148. App Store not working properly with iPad 3 running on IOS 6
  149. iPad 2 is not connecting to Wi-Fi router
  150. Cannot find downloaded movie on iPad 2
  151. Trouble in searching words through Safari on iPad 3
  152. Unable to exit from red eye correction mode in Photos app on iPad 2
  153. Procedures required to cancel failed downloads on iPad 2
  154. iPad 2 says ‘not connected to iTunes’ while accessing Facebook
  155. Not able to print documents from iPad 2 through Canon PIXMA MG6150 printer
  156. iPad 2 shows orange AirPlay icon
  157. Push notifications not working with Facebook on iPad 3
  158. Unable to find wireless keyboard in Bluetooth list on iPad 1
  159. Cannot import JPG pictures from Nikon D600 to iPad 3
  160. How to stop multiplying contacts on iPad 2?
  161. Unable to delete genius playlists from iPad 2
  162. iPad 3 displays wrong album count for artists in music app
  163. Is it possible to use location based reminders with iPad 3 running on IOS 6?
  164. iPad 2 can’t access Cellular Data Network since IOS 6 update
  165. Cannot import JPG pictures from Nikon D600 to iPad 3
  166. Unable to see any option to send new mail using hotmail account and safari browser
  167. Google App icon changed to Gorilla wearing an Army Helmet
  168. How to save an email in an iPad 3 having iOS 6?
  169. iPad 3 is not booting and showing error as “Error No OS Found”
  170. iPad battery drains 1% every 5 mins whenever I switch on the Wi-Fi network
  171. Unable to connect my iPad with my School Wi-Fi network
  172. Is there any way to make my iPad sound better?
  173. Is there any way to fix the scratch which happened in my iPad 2?
  174. What to do to revert back to the normal iPad 2 OS?
  175. Apps are getting crashed when I try to open it in my iPad 3
  176. How to do video chat in skype in my iPad 3?
  177. Even after reset and restore from iCloud my iPad asks for the old passcode
  178. Unable to stream videos in YouTube app in my iPad
  179. Why only 28GB of storage space is shown when Apple claimed that the iPad which I bought has 32GB space
  180. Brother's account getting synced in my iPad even when I have given mine password
  181. Why is my iPad 1 not charging properly? What I should check for it to work properly?
  182. What should I do to get rid of the hacker who is sending message on Meetme app in my iPad?
  183. Way to lock an album of pictures on my iPad?
  184. Is there any way to fix the pink, green and blue line which runs in my iPad screen?
  185. Unable to download or use any app in my iPad
  186. iPad shows only the Apple logo in the screen and it doesn’t start up at all
  187. All the icons in the the menu is gone only one icon is left
  188. Facing “Could not activate cellular data network” problem in iPad3
  189. iPad shows the picture of a USB cable and the iTunes logo even when it is not connected to the PC
  190. iPad not getting charged even after connecting it to the PC via USB
  191. Video and photo is visible in the top of the screen when opening the Youtube app in my iPad
  192. Unable to use Yahoo app in my iPad once after the update
  193. Not able to purchase any apps in my iPad from the Apple store
  194. Do I have to change only the LCD screen or the whole screen in my iPad?
  195. iPad loses Wi-Fi connection every 5 minutes
  196. Changes done with the Virtual Touch screen keyboard in iPad for the iOS 6 update?
  197. Youtube app disappeared after iOS update
  198. Facebook connection status is showing as I have connected "via mobile" but it should be via iPad
  199. Can’t rotate the screen since IOS 6 upgrade in iPad 3
  200. iPad 2 goes to sleep mode automatically while moving in smart case
  201. Tracing out difference between iPad 2 and iPad 3
  202. Unable to use Multi-touch gestures on iPad 3 after IOS 6 update
  203. iPad 3 can’t connect to Wi-Fi after recovering from Sleep mode
  204. How to choose a song to play through slideshow on iPad 2?
  205. Is it possible to reset Dictionary function on iPad 2?
  206. Why can’t I edit the phone number in FaceTime through iPad 2?
  207. Unable to save images from internet on iPad 2
  208. Getting error code 5809EC on printing documents from iPad 3
  209. White and grey colored lines moving on iPad 2 screen
  210. Netgear Genie Software not working with iPad 2 since IOS 6 update
  211. Cannot get audio output from headphone socket while using composite video cable with iPad 2
  212. iPad 2 shows wrong cover art for shared videos
  213. How to play voice memos recorded with QuickVoice app on iPad 2 using Windows Media Player in PC?
  214. Finding MAC address on iPad 2
  215. No sound for game apps installed on iPad 1
  216. Adding photos to ‘Pages’ document on iPad 2 and sending via mail app as PDF file
  217. Safari says ‘redirecting’ all the time on accessing websites through iPad 2
  218. Is it possible to watch MKV, DivX and Xvid video files through iPad 3?
  219. Using Camera Connection Kit with iPad 3
  220. What has to be done for adding emoticons to text documents or e-mail through iPad 2?
  221. Deleting keyboard shortcuts from iPad 2
  222. How to make iPad 3 speak selected words or phrases on it?
  223. Unable to uninstall apps on iPad 2 after performing IOS 6 upgrade
  224. How to export video from iPad 2 to computer without sync to iTunes?
  225. How to increase the Video Playback speed on iPad 2?
  226. Unable to take the screenshot of screen in iPad 2
  227. iPad 2 calender problem
  228. From where should I get working flash player for iPad 2?
  229. How to reset IP address through iPad 3 running on IOS 6?
  230. Removing iPod songs from iPad 2
  231. Not able to add images into Quickoffice app from iPad 3
  232. Difficulty in using Game Center with iPad 3 running on IOS 6
  233. How to limit advertisements on iPad 2 upgraded to IOS 6 with a single option?
  234. Videos taken through Insignia NS-DCC5HB09 camcorder not working with iPad 2
  235. Is it possible to transfer a PDF document on iBook app in iPad 3 into PDF Expert?
  236. Mirroring toggle get disappeared from iPad 2
  237. Trouble in streaming videos from iPad 2 to AirPort Express through AirPlay
  238. Bluetooth connection to audio systems drops intermittently after upgrading iPad 3 to IOS 6
  239. Enabling Compass on ‘Maps’ app in iPad 3
  240. Not able to save Internet tethering settings on iPad 3
  241. No sound from iPad 3 running on IOS 6
  242. How to draft a mail through iPad 2?
  243. iPad 2 not recognizing the password while downloading an app after iOS 6 upgrade
  244. Cannot use Message notifications on iPad 2
  245. Game download get stuck on iPad 2
  246. Unable to save Facebook photos into ‘Photos’ app on iPad 2 upgraded to IOS 6
  247. Camera app not working on iPad 2 since IOS 6 update
  248. iPad 3 only charges upto 85%
  249. How to mark any email as important in iPad 3?
  250. Poor battery backup in iPad 3