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  1. Is Flash-based web game supported on iOS based iPad3?
  2. Cannot find QuickOffice Pro app on App Store in iPad 3
  3. iPad 2 can’t find Epson XP405 printer
  4. What has to be done for retrieving FaceTime history deleted from iPad 2?
  5. Sequence order of contacts get changed on iPad 2 after syncing with Outlook
  6. iPad 4 tend to re-sync videos while doing a normal sync with iTunes
  7. ‘Wi-Fi’ option grayed out on iPad 2 since upgrading to iOS 6.0.1
  8. iBooks in "waiting" status always after performing sync in iPad3
  9. How to set auto spell check of words in iPad3 with iOS?
  10. Incorrect contact images show up while receiving iMessage in iPad2
  11. Important emails automatically going to spam on iPad2 gadget
  12. AirPrint quality degrades each day on iOS powered iPad2 device
  13. Unable to sync large files via QuickVoice on iPad3 handset
  14. iPad 2 can’t recognize Facebook password since upgrading to iOS 6
  15. Screen contrast drops while watching videos through Videos or Podcast on iPad 4
  16. Unable to install PDF files from iCloud backup into iBooks on iPad 4
  17. Is there any statistics calculator app available for iPad on App Store?
  18. Songs downloaded using iTunes Match get disappeared from iPad 3
  19. Getting ‘DV6’ codes while launching iTunes app on iPad Mini
  20. Which are the best free racing games available for iPad?
  21. Unable to quit Clash of Clans game played through iPad 2 upgraded to iOS 6
  22. Music library shared on iPad 2 looking different from iTunes
  23. ‘Swipe to open’ feature has stopped working on iPad 2
  24. iPad Mini get stuck on Kindle app while downloading books
  25. Cannot delete address bar suggestions in Safari on iPad 2 even after clearing history in settings
  26. How to make use of M-Edge Trip Jacket for safe guarding iPad2 from damage?
  27. What has to be done to choose the positions in the language rotor in Voice Over on iPad3?
  28. “Not Charging” message pops up while charging original iPad tab
  29. How to sync music with Autofill option on iOS based iPad2 handset?
  30. What is the method to turn on restrictions on iPad3 tablet running on iOS?
  31. How to perform restoring action successfully on iPad 3 tab?
  32. How to remotely Access an iPad from other iPad device?
  33. Is it possible to send and receive SMS messages through iPad 4?
  34. Getting “cannot verify server identity” error on iPad 2 while accessing internet
  35. Procedure for removing sample book from iBooks app on iPad 2
  36. Google Calendar splitting onscreen keyboard on iPad 2
  37. Pages app crashes on iPad 1
  38. iPad Mini can’t either download or sync media files via iTunes
  39. What needs to be done to add custom journal items in iPhoto in iPad3?
  40. In what way System Services can be turned ON or OFF in iPad2?
  41. Removing an iTunes backup from iOS based iPad 3 gadget
  42. Is it a good option to install AIM app on iPad2 handset?
  43. How to apply the same settings of a photo to another photo in iPhoto in iOS powered iPad3?
  44. Setting alert sounds for meeting invitation reception on iOS based iPad2 tablet
  45. How to get the deleted photos back in an iPad?
  46. Can anyone explain the features and requirements of updated Zite magazine app for iPad?
  47. Cannot play videos recorded through Sony Camera on iPad 4
  48. Procedures for setting up Siri shortcut on iPad 3 upgraded to iOS 6
  49. What has to be done for improving the click speed of ‘Home’ button on iPad 2 upgraded to iOS 6?
  50. How to send GarageBand songs through e-mail from iPad 2?
  51. Steps to be taken for re-configuring network security settings on iPad 2
  52. iPad 4 not giving an option to save username and password for some websites even after configuring Safari settings
  53. Cannot add contacts into iPad 2 since upgrading to iOS 6.0.1
  54. iPad 2 shows notifications only when opening the e-mail
  55. Unable to find Wi-Fi icon on iPad Mini
  56. How to save pictures received through mail app into iPad Mini?
  57. Not able to print anything from iPad 2 using HP photosmart 6525 printer
  58. In what way multiplayer activity can be disabled in Game Centre in iPad2 handset?
  59. How to make use of KORG iELECTRIBE app on iPad3 handset?
  60. How to set up a default list for new reminders in original iPad?
  61. Options to delete specific items from the bookshelf in iPad2 handset
  62. What is the significance of traffic conditions on Maps app in iPad2 handset?
  63. What are the available options to manage Notes in iPad3 handset?
  64. Setting the time, date, and telephone number formats in iOS powered iPad3
  65. How to turn off Simple Passcode in iPad3 with iOS?
  66. How photo can be masked via Keynote app in iPad2 handset?
  67. Is there any option to set the date and time manually in iPad2 device?
  68. What are the features with TiVo Stream app that can be made use of in iPad2 handset?
  69. Is it possible to set to adjust screen brightness automatically in iPad3 handset?
  70. Is there any option for adjusting the tracking speed in Assistive Touch in iOS based iPad3?
  71. Is it possible to print documents in iPad3 tablet with iOS?
  72. In what way resetting the home screen to its original layout can be done in iPad3?
  73. How can I benefit from Jetsetter app when used with iPad3 handset?
  74. Is purchasing friend’s game from Game Centre supported on iPad3?
  75. Typing feedback set by default in Voice Over inappropriate on iPad3
  76. iPad 3 shuffles songs in album by itself
  77. What are the basic features and requirements of Snapseed app available for iPad?
  78. How to prevent PhotoStream app on iPad 2 from deleting items with a single touch?
  79. Wi-Fi indicator keep showing low signal since upgrading iPad Mini to iOS 6.0.2
  80. iPad 2 can’t display PDF attachment while opening an e-mail
  81. Mails sent from iPad 2 not saving into server
  82. How much time does a normal iPad 4 takes to charge?
  83. Will it work,if I tries to do a restore in iPad 4 using the backup of iPad 3
  84. Unable to see the recent Posts of my friends on facebook Application
  85. How to sync iPad 4 messages to iPhone 4?
  86. Getting an error message "email password is missing" in iPad 4
  87. How can I make use of on iPad2 device?
  88. Changing the search engine in Safari in iPad2 handset
  89. What can be done to reset the usage statistics in iPad2 handset?
  90. What are the steps to be followed to restyle a selected image through pages app in iPad2?
  91. How location warnings can be reset in iPad3?
  92. In what way keyboard shortcuts are turned on in iPad2?
  93. Words Mine app not responding on iPad 2
  94. What has to be done for restoring main contact on iPad 3?
  95. iPad 2 can’t update calendar as well as address book
  96. How to set podcasts playing through iPad 2 into normal listening speed?
  97. iPad 2 keep showing a pointed circle on the screen
  98. Procedures required for renting a movie from iPad 2
  99. How to make sure that data is not lost on rebooting iPad3?
  100. Unable to access dictionary option on iPad3 device
  101. What is the recommended solution for duplicate mails issue in iPad3 handset?
  102. Is there any option to recover deleted messages from Facetime in iPad2?
  103. iPod icon vanished from settings menu on iPad3 handset
  104. Issues downloading certain books in iBooks in iPad2
  105. iTunes not showing iPhoto albums since upgrading iPad 3 to iOS 6
  106. Getting busy signal while using Facetime on iPad 4
  107. iRig mic not working with iPad 2 upgraded to iOS 6
  108. iPad 2 shows too large images while logging into Facebook through Facebook app
  109. iPad 4 shows grey dot on its screen
  110. Cannot access image link through iBooks app on iPad 2
  111. Cannot find ‘my alerts’ in iBooks since upgrading iPad 2 to iOS 6
  112. Is it possible to show up the desktop version of Yahoo mail account on iPad 2?
  113. What are the requirements for renting a movie on iPad?
  114. Wi-Fi gets dropped out on iPad 3 while streaming videos or songs
  115. Transferring a photo from camera roll into iPhoto app on iPad 4
  116. Unable to import contacts into MSN e-mail account set up on iPad 2
  117. iPad 2 accessing internet by itself while Wi-Fi network become unavailable
  118. Trouble in searching items using Google search field accessed via Safari on iPad 2
  119. ‘Do not Disturb’ feature on iPad 2 not turning off automatically
  120. Unable to use Mail app on iPad 2 since introducing iOS 6 update and iCloud
  121. Getting “Invalid URL” error on iPad 3 while accessing Facebook or Google through Safari
  122. What has to be done for transferring downloaded PDF from MacBook Pro into iBooks on iPad 2?
  123. Wallpaper set in iPad2 blocking clear view of menu bar options
  124. Is it possible to include a new word to the keyboard dictionary in iPad3?
  125. Procedure for setting the rotor options for web browsing in VoiceOver in iPad2
  126. Cellular data network usage limit always runs out before month end in iPad2
  127. How app storage details can be viewed in iPad2?
  128. Listing of Universal Access features included on new iPad handset
  129. Means to add outgoing mail servers on iPad3
  130. How to add Emoji keyboard in iPad3 running on iOS?
  131. Can I get information about best free health care apps available for iPad?
  132. How to prevent iPad 2 from asking password for establishing Wi-Fi connection all the time?
  133. Notes app syncs from iPad 2 even though it is set to ‘not to sync’
  134. iPad 2 switch to Sleep mode even after setting up auto lock to never
  135. iPad Mini responding very slowly
  136. iTunes icon disappeared from iPad 3 since upgrading to iOS 6.0.1
  137. Not able to send mails from gmail after configuring it as exchange account on iPad 3
  138. ‘Word with Friends’ app getting slow on iPad 3
  139. iPad 2 can’t close the splash screen indicating Genius is already enabled
  140. Cannot find world clock on secondhand iPad 2
  141. Getting error code 1604 while restoring iPad 2 with iTunes
  142. Unable to perform any action on mail inbox page in iPad 2 upgraded to iOS 6
  143. Internet speed slowed down after installing iOS 6
  144. What should I do to change my Avatar in iMessage?
  145. Downloaded songs on iPad2 missing after a force reboot
  146. ‘Reply To All’ feature failed in mail app on iPad2 handset
  147. Which is the best suggested news reading app for iPad3?
  148. How to pair a Bluetooth keyboard with iPad2 handset?
  149. How to set border for Tables in Notes app on iPad3?
  150. Is there any option available on iPad2 to edit PPT files?
  151. Opera Mini browser on original iPad crashes every five minutes
  152. Does brightness setting has anything to do with battery drain on iPad2?
  153. App send button greyed out on iPad2 running on iOS
  154. What is the procedure to establish a connection between Smart TV and iPad 4?
  155. How to sort out saved bookmarks on Safari browser on iPad2?
  156. What is the average estimated time to charge iPad4?
  157. ‘Delete’ button missing on iMessages received on iPad2
  158. What are the features of the latest version of Reminder app when used with iPad3?
  159. How to know if an app used with iPhone 4S is compatible with iPad3?
  160. Is it possible to create a Gmail account on iOS powered iPad2?
  161. What is the option by which music can be transferred to iCloud from iPad2?
  162. What is the procedure to add artwork to tracks in iTunes in iPad2?
  163. How to make use of dictation feature in iPad3 device?
  164. Issues connecting to an 802.11n Wi-Fi network in iPad2 handset
  165. Is it possible to delete all contacts in iCloud on a stretch in iPad3?
  166. What are the steps to create folders in Mail in original iPad?
  167. How to restore bookmarks to Opera Mini browser in iPad2?
  168. What is the procedure to subscribe to iTunes Match in iPad3?
  169. Cannot play .mov files imported from Nikon V1 on iPad 3
  170. iPad Mini can’t retain changes made in brightness
  171. Setting up group e-mail list on iPad 3
  172. Is it possible to play pogo games on iPad 4?
  173. What has to be done for removing iCloud tabs from iPad Mini?
  174. Not able to connect iPad 2 with Wi-Fi network shown in the network list
  175. iPad Mini shows “incorrect password” while connecting to home Wi-Fi network
  176. Wi-Fi get slowed down while enabling Bluetooth on iPad 2
  177. iPad 2 can’t display certain shared library items from MacBook Pro
  178. Safari can’t search anything even though iPad 2 shows connection with Wi-Fi server
  179. ‘Invitees’ option and ‘ToDo’ list are missing from Calendar app on iPad 3
  180. Unable to use iMessage on iPad Mini since sending a long message
  181. Siri tend to add appointments into Google Calendar as opposed to iCal in iPad 3
  182. iPod app not working properly with iPad 2
  183. iPad 2 can’t display the subtitles of videos since iOS 4.2.1 upgrade
  184. Cannot find ‘Edit’ button along with the pictures saved on iPad 2
  185. Removing cluster of pins from Map app on iPad 4
  186. Adding two more pages into ‘Pages’ app on iPad 2
  187. What has to be done to change the alert styles in Notification Centre in iPad3?
  188. How to set a new ID for receiving iMessages in new iPad handset?
  189. Setting a new language for VoiceOver in iPad3 device
  190. In what way caps lock can be turned to on and off position in iPad2?
  191. How to set menu button in Assistive Touch mode on hidden position in iPad2?
  192. What is the option by which a hardware or software keyboard layout can be chosen in iPad3?
  193. What has to be done for connecting Nikon Coolpix S800c Smart Camera with iPad 3?
  194. iPad Mini can’t delete e-mails from inbox
  195. Is it possible to change the default viewer/editor for e-mail attachment received through iPad 2 upgraded to iOS 6?
  196. Procedures required for transferring contacts from MS Excel to iPad 2
  197. Unable to sync iPad Mini with MS Exchange Server 2010
  198. iPad 4 tend to produce heat unnecessarily
  199. In what way message threads can be combined in new iPad?
  200. Photo booth app getting auto closed in 30 sec in iPad3
  201. What is the option to include new contacts in FaceTime in iPad3?
  202. Airplay audio getting interrupted unevenly in new iPad2
  203. What are the steps to be followed for restoring default icons in iPad2 home screen?
  204. By which option photos can be deleted from synced albums in iPad2?
  205. Is it possible to play MP4 videos through DropBox app on iPad 2?
  206. Photobooth has stopped working on iPad 2 upgraded to iOS 6
  207. Transferring videos from Sony HandiCam HDR-CX150 video camera into iPad 4
  208. Can I print documents from iPad 3 using HP 3522 printer via AirPrint?
  209. SmartCover makes screen of iPad 3 pixilated
  210. Does iPad 4 support translation tool while accessing websites through Safari?
  211. Which are the iOS 6 features included with the iPad2 handset?
  212. Error 300-8 with ABC Player on iOS powered iPad2
  213. Steps to sync iPad2 with Lenovo windows notebook remotely
  214. Removed emails on iPad3 keeps bouncing back
  215. Unable to sync TV shows on iPad3 after a recent update
  216. Is there any option for editing text on PDF files on iPad3?
  217. How to transfer music files from any ordinary mobile to an iPad?
  218. Getting error code 1150 while syncing or backing up iPad 4 with iTunes
  219. Does iSight camera on iPad 4 supports flash?
  220. You Tube videos getting blurred on iPad 3
  221. Can I run multiple apps on new iPad 4?
  222. Unable to AirPlay icon while launching Pandora app on iPad 4
  223. Is it possible to use personal hotspot on iPad 2 for streaming media files into Apple TV?
  224. Game center getting auto closed in iPad 2 with iOS6
  225. What is the procedure to upload photos to Picasa from iPad2?
  226. Music app playlists appears corrupted in iPad2
  227. By which option can I sync iPad3 contacts and calendars to Gmail?
  228. Is it possible to access app notifications on iPad 1 lock screen?
  229. What are the options accessible while reading iBooks on iPad3?
  230. Steps to be taken for turning off EDGE on iPad 3
  231. iPad 3 can’t quit password protected sites accessed through Safari
  232. Unable to locate ‘International’ option while going to iPad 2 settings
  233. How to prevent iPad 2 from enabling ‘Voice Over’ function while triple clicking ‘Home’ button?
  234. Defining an Emoji icon using speak selection feature on iPad 2?
  235. Siri not working with iPad Mini
  236. What is the option to turn on Calendar time zone support in iPad3?
  237. What has to be done to reset the keyboard dictionary in iPad3?
  238. How to change the calendar format set by default on original iPad?
  239. In what way the WiFi password can be changed on iPad2?
  240. How to change the number of recent notifications shown in iPad2?
  241. What is the procedure to be followed to add VPN in iPad3?
  242. Which are the best free recipe apps available in App Store for iPad?
  243. iPad Mini can’t lock or unlock automatically since iOS 6.0.2 upgrade
  244. Can I put words to lock iPad 4 screen instead of numbers?
  245. How to prevent iPad 2 from displaying incorrect date?
  246. iPad 2 redirects to ‘Maps’ app on launching ‘Photos’ app
  247. iPad 2 not displaying Wi-Fi icon after establishing connection with Wi-Fi router
  248. Getting suffix 1 over FaceTime icon on iPad 2
  249. Mail app on iPad 3 getting stuck at downloaded spreadsheet
  250. What has to be done for rating music on iPad 2 upgraded to iOS 5?