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  1. iPad mini keyboard pops up in the middle of the screen
  2. Safari browser on iPad 3 does not let me share document in google drive
  3. Battery level is hung on 96% for the last two days
  4. eBooks in iBooks app not opening from where I left
  5. Zoom and unzoom not working on iPad2
  6. iPad search does not show any apps in results
  7. Different background pics for different screen on new iPad
  8. Home Sharing between computer, iPad and iPhone 4 not working correctly
  9. iTunes not recognizing iPad 1
  10. Switched from itunes India to itunes UK but not able to switch back
  11. iTunes not authorizing the second computer
  12. Voice recorder app in iPad shows recording with Skype calls
  13. Wi-Fi has a mind of its own after iOS 6 update
  14. iPad Wi-Fi sync does not work every time
  15. Notification bar on iPad3 shows all old notifications
  16. iPad 3 not making sent mail notification sounds
  17. iPad Mini swype app not working properly
  18. iPad 2 comes up as unknown device in device manager
  19. Notifications don’t go out even when I have checked them
  20. Facetime not working on my iPad3
  21. Google Search and Google Mail became very slow after changing battery for iPad 3
  22. iPad 4 gets overheated after charging the battery for 10 minutes
  23. iPad 2 showing error while connecting to Sony Vaio Laptop with Windows 8
  24. iPad 1 display got blank all of a sudden
  25. iPad 3 video player not working all of a sudden
  26. Unable to rotate photos on iPad 2 with iOS 5
  27. Unable to use video calling facility on iPad Mini after a small software update
  28. Photo booth not working on iPad 2 after upgrading to iOS 5
  29. Unable to use Reminders facility on iPad Mini all of a sudden
  30. Unable to connect iPad 1 to iTunes Store after upgrading to iOS 5
  31. iPad 2 cannot be upgraded to iOS 6 in spite of trying the right method
  32. Angry Birds sound issue on iPad 3
  33. Saved games on iPad 3 not working after upgrading to iOS 6
  34. iPad 1 loses all the contacts after upgrading to iOS 5
  35. iPad 4 showing weak network signal every time while making an ISD call
  36. iPad 2 making a strange noise during calls after upgrading to iOS 5
  37. Lost all the images on iPad 1 after upgrading to iOS 5
  38. iPad 2 speaker stopped working after jailbreaking it
  39. Cannot download apps from app store on iPad 4 all of a sudden
  40. Google Drive not starting on iPad 2 after upgrading to iOS 5
  41. What has to be done for keeping caps lock in iPad 2 on for a long time?
  42. Getting “No calendar has been set” message while adding a calendar event into iPad 2
  43. Steps to be taken for sending a document created on iPad 2 to MacBook Pro via DropBox
  44. Is it possible to archive mails received through iPad 3?
  45. Steps to be followed for playing a whole album saved on iPad 2
  46. How to prevent iPad 3 from joining unwanted Wi-Fi networks?
  47. How to un-pair an accidentally added wireless speaker from original iPad?
  48. By which option Split Keyboard can be activated on iPad3 running on iOS6?
  49. How to set new wallpaper on iOS based iPad2 tablet?
  50. What are the available options for managing Genius playlists on iPad3 device?
  51. In what way OmniGraffle app can be made use of on iPad2 handset?
  52. Which is the option to add a new VPN configuration on iOS based iPad3 tab?
  53. Which is the option to activate phonetics in typing feedback in VoiceOver in iPad3 tab?
  54. How to change the device name of iPad2 handset with iOS?
  55. What are the required steps to turn on Calendar time zone support in iPad2 tab?
  56. How to know if iPad2 tablet exceeds normal operating temperatures?
  57. What is the procedure to set up USB syncing via iTunes in iPad3 handset?
  58. How to make use of cards app on iOS based iPad2 tab?
  59. How to make use of Adobe Photoshop Express app for editing the photos in iPad 2?
  60. Steps to be taken for setting up loop for photo slideshow in iPad 2
  61. Cannot retrieve the attachment sent through PDF expert app in iPad 2
  62. How to reset the pass code for Guided Access feature enabled in iPad 2?
  63. Steps for protecting FaceTime app with passcode on iPad 2
  64. Getting unresponsive grey screen while accessing ‘Maps’ app on iPad 2
  65. Which features or services have restrictions when using Air Plane mode on iPad3?
  66. Setting key photo for iPhoto in iOS based iPad3 device
  67. Battery percentage not showing up on iOS based iPad3
  68. Changing the order of notifications in iPad3 tablet
  69. Is it possible to create personalized gesture in Assistive Touch in iPad3?
  70. How VoiceOver speaking rate can be set on iOS powered iPad2 device?
  71. In what way Archive Messages are turned on or off in mail in iPad3?
  72. How to rotate a photo in iPhoto in iOS powered iPad3 device?
  73. Can you please a layout of Urbanspoon app for iPad?
  74. By which option SSL settings can be adjusted in email on iPad3 handset?
  75. How to set up separate bookmarks for two iPad 2 having same account?
  76. iPad 2 prompts to enter the password for expired e-mail account
  77. Unable to load certain websites on iPad 4
  78. Songs played on iPod app changes while shaking iPad 2
  79. How to prevent iPad 2 from accessing GPRS automatically?
  80. iPad 4 can’t recognize the touch input made on the screen
  81. What info can I get to know before making an iBook purchase on iPad2?
  82. What is the procedure for setting up Exchange ActiveSync in iPad3 tab?
  83. How pinch gesture can be performed in Assistive Touch on iPad3 tab?
  84. What are the known features of popular OmniGraffle iPad app on store?
  85. Facing some strange behavior in Game Centre on iPad2
  86. How to enable closed captioning for videos on iPad3 with iOS?
  87. Listing of Universal features supported on iOS powered iPad2
  88. How to turn off Push notifications in Notification Center on iPad3 handset?
  89. How to manage reminders in list view on iOS based iPad2 device?
  90. What are the options by which contact settings can be changed on iPad3 tab?
  91. How to prevent iCloud automatic backups on iPad2 gadget?
  92. How to turn off contracted Braille on iOS based iPad3 handset?
  93. Is it possible to configure Mi-Fi monitoring on iPad 2?
  94. iPad 3 accessing Siri in even lock mode
  95. Is there any way to transfer calendar appointments from iPad 2 to iCloud without wireless network?
  96. Incorrect location displayed on Wi-Fi only iPad Mini connected with Wi-Fi router
  97. Unable to install GarageBand into iPad 3 upgraded to iOS 6
  98. BBC iPlayer icon missing from iPad 3
  99. What is the procedure to enable caps lock on the iPad3 tab keyboard?
  100. Is it true that Walking Dead Game is now made available for iPad users?
  101. Steps for creating bookmark folders in Safari on iPad3 tab
  102. How to benefit if I include Ayecon WinterBoard theme in new iPad?
  103. iPad2 handset case not syncing with the new iPad
  104. Which all languages are supported on iPad3 keyboard?
  105. Mail app hangs up on iPad 2 while tapping the web link shown on mails
  106. iPad Mini not showing up outbox while looking for sent mails via Mail app
  107. Keyboard input comes too late on iPad Mini screen
  108. Downloaded app can’t move from dock to home screen in iPad 2
  109. What has to be done for deleting all photos inside ‘Photos’ app on iPad 2 at once?
  110. iPad Mini no longer connects to Safari
  111. Procedures for changing the Safari start page on iPad 2
  112. Is it possible to turn off auto-syncing temporarily after connecting iPad 2 with PC?
  113. Steps be taken for printing documents on iPad 2 via HP Photosmart C4700 printer
  114. iPad Mini can’t make any sound for cover closing, keyboard click and sent mail
  115. White dots around Apple Logo while starting up iPad 3
  116. Setting up repeating alert tone for calendar events in iPad 2
  117. In which all standard ways does videos watching in TV via iPad is possible?
  118. How does Hard Candy Hard Sleeve provide protection for iPad tablet?
  119. Which is the available option for adding custom journal items in iPhoto on iPad2?
  120. How to set speak notifications in Voice Over on iOS powered iPad3 tab?
  121. How to make use of TOTAL app for iPad handset running on iOS6?
  122. Turning Keyboard shortcuts to ON position on iPad3 tablet
  123. What has to be done for watching FaceTime activated on iPad 2 via Apple TV?
  124. Cannot find ‘History’ while opening up ‘Bookmarks’ on iPad Mini
  125. Getting “verification code required” message while downloading apps into iPad 2
  126. How to disable SmartCover while opening iPad 4?
  127. Notification alerts not working on iPad Mini
  128. iPad 2 responds very slowly with Safari since upgrading to iOS 6
  129. Internet not working on iPad 3 after connecting it through proxy server
  130. All the settings on iPad 4 changed after syncing it with Linux
  131. Speakers not working in iPad 3 after jailbreaking it
  132. Flash games not working on iPad 2 all of a sudden
  133. Google Drive not working on iPad 3
  134. Google Search not working on iPad 4 after jailbreaking
  135. GMail video chat not working on iPad 2 all of a sudden
  136. Notification tone not working on my iPad 4 all of a sudden
  137. Weak 3G signals on iPad 4 after an OTA update
  138. Can not take up video call with 3G over iPad 3
  139. iPad 1 became slow in performance after updating to iOS 5
  140. iPad 1 getting overheated after upgrading to iOS 5
  141. Camera not working on iPad 2 all of a sudden
  142. Cannot send SMS from iPad 1 after jailbreaking it
  143. Unable to play Angry Birds HD on iPad 2 all of a sudden
  144. iPad 4 not charging to full after jailbreaking it
  145. Google Maps not working on iPad 5 all of a sudden
  146. GMail not working on iPad 3 iOS 4 all of a sudden
  147. Netflix app not working on my iPad 3 suddenly
  148. Netflix sound not working on iPad 4
  149. MP4 videos not playing on iPad 2
  150. iPad 4 unable to connect to Xbox live app
  151. iPad 3 having photo sync problems in spite of enough free memory
  152. Display became blank after reformatting iPad 3
  153. iPad 3 became very slow in speed and performance after updating iOS 6
  154. Keyboard shortcuts not working on iPad 4 after jailbreaking
  155. iPad 3 with iOS 5.1 severe battery drainage issue
  156. Cannot play games on iPad 4 all of a sudden
  157. All data lost on iPad 4 after battery replacement
  158. iPad 2 not connecting to Facetime
  159. Is there any AutoCAD app available for iPad Mini as free?
  160. Unable to find wma audiobooks synced from iTunes library on iPad 2
  161. Onscreen keyboard hinders Facebook comments typed through iPad 2
  162. How to listen to audiobook purchased through iTunes on iPad 2?
  163. iPad 2 shuts down Facebook after three seconds
  164. iPad 2 loses connection with AirPlay mirroring while zooming photos
  165. Is it possible to place a red flag on outgoing mails in iPad 2?
  166. Incorrect dates with Excel attachments received through ‘Mail’ app on iPad 2
  167. Cannot open web links with Safari on iPad 3 since upgrading to iOS 6.0.1
  168. Not able to save pages from internet into Safari reading list on iPad 2
  169. Spell check feature not working properly while using Safari on iPad 2
  170. iPad 4 takes time to update mailbox with new actions
  171. iPad 2 stop the music played online while receiving mail notifications
  172. Google search engine keeps asking to use current location on iPad 2 even after selecting ‘Yes’ option
  173. Photos disappeared while copying from PhotoStream to album on iPad Mini
  174. iPad Mini can’t respond to Wi-Fi after long hours
  175. Speaker not working while playing games on iPad3 handset
  176. How to import all windows live contacts to iPad 2 tab?
  177. Unable to Change Auto Fill Email Address on iPad2 device
  178. iPad3 tablet running on iOS got stuck up at 'Reader' mode
  179. Which model of iPad tablet is best for overseas travel?
  180. Image save function keeps failing on iOS based iPad2
  181. Town names shown in incorrect location while accessing maps through iPad 2
  182. Speakers not working on iPad 2 while using FaceTime or Skype
  183. Is it possible to track FaceTime calls on iPad 2?
  184. iPad Mini getting stuck while typing e-mails through Mail app
  185. Music started playing by itself on iPad Mini while plugging the headphones
  186. Getting echo while speaking to microphone on iPad 3
  187. What has to be done for adding iPad 4 to the speaker options list in AirPlay?
  188. Sleep/Wake function not working on iPad Mini with case
  189. What are the features of new Temple Run 2 version available for iPad?
  190. Procedures required for transferring videos from iPhone 5 to iPad Mini
  191. iPad 4 recognize only limited number of wireless networks
  192. Cannot update flagged apps on iPad 2 using ‘Update All’ button
  193. iPad 3 can’t print anything using wireless HP F4580 desk jet printer even after installing HP ePrint
  194. Pages app can’t send an attachment through mail app on iPad 2
  195. Calendar always crashes in the midst of creating events on iPad3 handset
  196. Is it possible to share downloaded magazines on iOS powered iPad3?
  197. How to set Google as home page on Opera Mini browser on iPad2?
  198. Unable to play wav files on iPad3 tab with iOS
  199. Inbox emails keep disappearing on Gmail on iOS based iPad2
  200. Is charging of iPad2 via USB from Sony Notebook supported?
  201. Special characters displayed as square boxes on iPad3 tablet
  202. Games taking too much time to get loaded on iPad2 handset
  203. Videos stored on home screen folder missing after restoring screen layout of iPad2
  204. In what way screen rotation feature can be disabled on iPad2?
  205. How to decrease the Touch screen Sensitivity on iPad3 tab?
  206. How to alter the size of Wallpaper on iOS based iPad2?
  207. ‘Send’ button not working while sending iMessages through iPad Mini
  208. Built-in keyboard not appearing on iPad 2 since connecting to Zaggfolio Bluetooth keyboard
  209. Not able to use Jawbone Era Bluetooth Headset with iPad 2
  210. Cannot play Netflix and You Tube videos through iPad 2 upgraded to iOS 6.0.1
  211. WLAN syncing not stable in iPad 3
  212. Unable to print from iPad 2 using Epson Expression Home XP-400 printer
  213. How to recover an accidentally delete home screen file on iPad2 handset?
  214. Is Radio alarm option supported on newly purchased iPad3 tab?
  215. What to do for enabling Malware protection on iOS based iPad2?
  216. No sound while watching movies on iOS powered iPad2 tablet
  217. How to establish connection between Bluetooth speakers on iPad2 device?
  218. Screen flickering while playing games on iPad3 handset
  219. How to handle the charging issues with iPad 4?
  220. Not able to transfer explicit song purchased through iTunes into iPad 2
  221. How to sync Kindle books from iPad 2 to PC?
  222. Unable to choose March 2013 month view in Calendar app on iPad 2
  223. Is it possible to print from iPad 4 through Canon PIXMA MX860 printer?
  224. Cannot use ‘Music’ app properly after setting up Home Sharing on iPad Mini
  225. Tapping on delete button doesn nothing in latest version of iBooks
  226. How to convert a PDF files into an audio book?
  227. Unable to add folders in iTunes Library
  228. What is the procedure to view photos of iPad2 using Apple TV (2nd generation)?
  229. How to alter the search engine on Opera Mini browser on iPad3 tab running on iOS?
  230. Is it possible to set iPad3 to change the alerts volume by means of volume buttons?
  231. The default option by which calendar format can be changed on iPad3 handset?
  232. How to view Wi-Fi Sync status on iOS based iPad2 handset?
  233. Is it a good option to install DM1 - the Drum Machine music app on iPad3 tab?
  234. Cannot play multiplayer games through iPad 2
  235. iPad Mini displays only USB icon and iTunes logo on the screen
  236. iPad 3 can’t remember known network even after a hard reset
  237. Unable to remove “iPod located” alert from iPad Mini
  238. Procedures required for deleting photos in facebook account through Facebook app on iPad 2
  239. How to reduce the size of characters appearing in e-mails accessed through iPad 4?
  240. Can PBS app for iPad be accessed free of cost from store?
  241. Is it possible to sync photos from windows based Nokia phone to iPad2?
  242. Unable to sign into iMessage from iOS based iPad3
  243. iPad2 gets switched off when moving messages to trash
  244. Strange sound coming out of iPad2 while playing games
  245. Issues receiving video calls on facetime in iOS powered iPad3
  246. ‘Take a screenshot’ feature failed all of a sudden on iPad2
  247. What are the required steps for syncing contacts from windows live mail to iPad3?
  248. Can I work with non-Latin languages on iPad2 running on iOS?
  249. How to perform printing over WiFi on iPad2 device?
  250. Does Home sharing option work with more than 5 users on iPad2 handset?