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    Safari Browser Crashed in my iPad2

    My iPad 2 is good looking & Fine Working. Now I just face an Issue of Browser Crashing very often.Yes when i try to Browse using my Safari Browser it is not loading properly & often Crashes with the message displaying as “The Requested Page Can’t be Loaded”. I tried of uninstall & re- installing the Browser but the Issue is not fixed yet. So i wanna know what action should i take to stop this Crashing & Fix my Browser back to normal position. Kindly do the Necessary for the same. Thanks to All.

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    Re: Safari Browser Crashed in my iPad2

    As your safari browser is continuously failing you can go to Control Panel totally remove the Your Safari browser.
    This may be your older version which may or may not be supporting your device all the time.
    So, you can download its latest version to ease your problem.

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    Re: Safari Browser Crashed in my iPad2


    if Safari is crashed on your ipad then you can recover it by upgrading your browser.
    Crashing problem come at any browser due to only no upgrading the browser and if
    you will upgrade it then it will start to work again without any problem. So just go
    for the upgrading it again.

    So just go to iTune and select there for upgrading Safari browser with latest upgrade.
    Your problem will be solved permanently.

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    Re: Safari Browser Crashed in my iPad2

    Hi friend,

    Many ipad users facing the safari browser crashing option.

    But don't worry you can resolve this problem by implementing the below instructions

    ---> When safari browser crashes immediately restart the ipad once.

    ---> Delete the safari application from ipad and install new version.

    ---> Update the safari application frequently.

    ---> This crashing problem occurs sometimes due to virus files.So,delete the virus applications from ipad by installing the anti-virus applications.

    ---> If safari browser crashes frequently.Try to use another safari browser like opera or google chrome etc.

    If you can rectify the crashing problem contact nearest ipad technician.

    Thank you............

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    Re: Safari Browser Crashed in my iPad2

    Safari application get crash in your ipad when safari browser crashes immediately restart your ipad delete the safari application and install new version update the safari application frequently in ipad application crash on ipad due to virus so install anti virus in your ipad to prevent virus

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