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    Is Reading books on iPad Mini safe enough

    It may sound silly but I would like to know whether reading books on iPad Mini would be harmful for eyes. Does the screen have methods to prevent excessive radiation or something like that? Is it safe to read e-books on iPad Mini?

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    sagar R. Array
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    Re: Is Reading books on iPad Mini safe enough

    ipad mini supports ibook & you can read the book in ipad mini.
    In the ipad mini , you can read the book thrugh ibook in itunes.It's totally safe without any risk.
    ibook having also very nice features & you can read the books through ibooks in your ipad mini
    you can also browse & download the books from ibook.

    Features of ibook

    --> You can download the books from ibooks
    --> you can edit the notes & bookmark in ibook
    --> Dictionary is also available in the ibooks which helps to read the books
    --> ibooks include & supports many language
    --> you can also organize & arrange the books in ibooks.

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    Raju22711 Array
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    Re: Is Reading books on iPad Mini safe enough

    The best option of reading books is reading from books only.

    No other option is better than it.

    But now a days technology is developed so much that books hare replacing with other machine devices mainly computer, pc and mobiles.

    The mobile screen release some harmful rays which harm your eyes.

    But companies like apple are trying to make these less harmful.

    So if you read continusly from ipad then it will harm your eyes but not as much as local mobile harm.

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    mithu ashi Array
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    Re: Is Reading books on iPad Mini safe enough

    There is nothing like that. You can read the book on ipad without any defectiveness on
    you. there is no harmful radiation emitted from that. So no need to worry.

    Yes, But as size of ipad mini is very small as compared to ipad so reading book on it is
    not as comfortable as on ipad. And if you will study the book for long that then retina
    of your eye will be tired. So reading book on ipad is not harmful not also not comfortable.

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    ankit40 Array
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    Re: Is Reading books on iPad Mini safe enough

    Yes dear you can easily read books on your ipad mini.it has no risk and it is very simple.for reading books on ipad follow these steps.
    <>first of all download an application called ibook and install it to your phone.
    <>if you download any ebook to your phone then you can read that ebook with the help of ibook apps.
    Thank you

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