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    Procedures required for transferring videos from iPhone 5 to iPad Mini

    I have recently purchased new iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. Yesterday, I took several videos through my iPhone and synced them with iTunes library. Now, I need to transfer them to my iPad Mini. What should I do for that?

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    Re: Procedures required for transferring videos from iPhone 5 to iPad Mini

    Hi friend,

    You can transfer the videos from iphone 5 to ipad mini using the bluetooth option.

    +++ Steps to follow to transfer the videos from iphone to ipad mini :

    1. First of all turn on the bluetooth option in both iphone and ipad mini devices.

    2. After turn on locate the videos in your iphone 5.

    3. Now select the videos which you want to transfer.

    4. Tap the options after selecting videos.

    5. In options you will see the via bluetooth option.So,tap this.

    6. After tapping bluetooth wait until the search for devices.

    7. Finally tap the ipad mini after recognizing and conform the send option.

    Thank you.......................

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