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    Problem syncing iPad 2 Calendar with Google Calendar

    I just wanted to sync up my iPad 2 calendar with the Google Calendar and it was actually kinda working before but not now. What should be done for this issue? Can you please provide me the steps which I need to follow to resolve the syncing problem and make it work again?

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    Re: Problem syncing iPad 2 Calendar with Google Calendar

    ++++++++++++Try this method for this issue++++++++

    *********Firstly go to main menu of your ipad 2.

    *********Now tap on the 'Settings' option.

    *********Now tap on the option of 'Applications' option.

    *********Now tap on the option of 'Manage applications' option.

    *********There are many third party apps available in play store for this purpose.

    *********you can download google calender from the Google play store.

    *********After downloading it gets installed in your ipad 2.

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