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    It is possible to use iPad 2 as a metal detector

    I have read that iPad 2 can be used as a metal detector. As there are no built-in functionalities available with the iPad, I am looking for a third party app to perform this function. Is there any such app available in App Store?

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    Re: It is possible to use iPad 2 as a metal detector

    There is an app named Metal Detector reside in the App Store. Download that app into your iPad and open it by making a single tap over the corresponding icon. The application interface provides different types of sensitivity levels. Choose the level you need with a single tap. You can set the sensitivity according to the size of objects. After selecting the level, hold the iPad near to any metal object. The needle provided with the meter available in the iPad will start to and fro movement afterwards according to the object. The iPad will vibrate by itself during this period and you can determine the presence of metal object with this vibration.

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