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    Is it possible to use Google Currents with iPad 3?

    It is possible to use Google Currents application with my newly bought Android smartphone. As I liked that application, I want to access that app with my iPad 3. How can I make it possible?

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    Re: Is it possible to use Google Currents with iPad 3?

    You can accomplish this with the Google Currents application available in App Store. This app can be downloaded into your iPad only if it is running on iOS 6.0 or later version. It is possible to find publisher’s editions and breaking stories with this app. There are several saved stories inside this app too. You can also read your favorite blogs and feeds with a magazine feel. The app provides Google Translate technology by which you can translate the editions into the language you want. The latest version of this app has bug fixes and will not suspend background audio while opening Google currents.

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    Re: Is it possible to use Google Currents with iPad 3?

    Hello Dear Dude ..

    How about you ??

    Google Currents ...TO STAY UP TO DATE WITH THE NEWS

    And Go to the Tech

    Then Click on Add More ..

    There you can add them

    And Google currents brings lots of disparate sources together in one place

    It formats easy reading in mobile devices

    You can Add everything from the popular news stories to your Favourite Esoteric blog

    That is it


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    Re: Is it possible to use Google Currents with iPad 3?


    Yes,it is possible to use the currents with iPad3.
    But it is compatible to i OS 6 or higher version.
    So check the above min requirement.

    With the help of this apps you can read the favorite blogs and feed.
    It provides Google Translate feature.


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