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    Is it possible to transfer game data from iPad 2 to iPad 3?

    I was using iPad 2 for the past few months and downloaded many games into it. Now, I bought new iPad 3 and plan to install the same games as in iPad 2. So how can I go about transferring them from iPad 2 to iPad 3. What should I do for that?

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    Re: Is it possible to transfer game data from iPad 2 to iPad 3?

    hi friend we can have so many ways to transfer the game from one ipad to another ipad and here i can give you the one way that is just connecting the first device means that on which the game is present in that ipad and then after connecting the ipad to pc then automatically itunes will be opened on your pc and then by using that you can sync with your ipad to your pc and then copy the game to the specified folder on the pc and then just do this above procedure to another ipad and then by using that you can copy the game from the pc to ipad easily through the itunes app on pc and then in another way we can send the game by just on bluetooth you may get the doubt how is it possible first of all you have to open the game name in note pad or any ms office and then just change the game name to just like by ending with the .txt and then you can send that and in another ipad ytou have to change that name of the ame in tis way you can send the game in two ways .

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