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    Is it possible to restrict the sites visited through iPad Mini?

    I have gifted my child an iPad Mini few weeks ago. I want to impose restrictions on certain sites he browses as I want to avoid unwanted app from downloading. How can I make it possible?

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    Re: Is it possible to restrict the sites visited through iPad Mini?

    Yes it is possible to restrict the sites browsing through ipad Mini
    Go to home screen
    then select settings
    then choose the option General
    go to the restrictions
    enable this option by checking it
    now you have restrictions screen
    choose the sites which you want to restrict here
    Some parent may choose to allowapps to be installedwith age restrictions setup but there is still issues with it
    You can use the applications like mobicip
    K9 web protection
    FamilyCyber Alert
    Parental control bar
    There are some applications that are available in apps store.

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