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    Is it possible to print webpage accessed through Safari on iPad 2 as PDF file?

    I found a useful long webpage while browsing through Safari on my iPad 2. I want to print that page onto a PDF file. I heard that there are apps available to generate PDF files. Is it true? If so, how can I download those apps?

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    Re: Is it possible to print webpage accessed through Safari on iPad 2 as PDF file?

    Yes it is possible every thing with the ipad that has many advanced features.So when you go with the process then you will get to know and you can be able to get access with the webpages in the PDF format as well.
    SO when you open the safari web browser then you should get in to the web page options there you can see multiple options so as to make the proper changes to your system.
    Then you can be easily turn that page in to the PDF format.First after checking the options then you have to choose the webpage and then save it.
    Then it shows whether to save it in the pdf or word file format then you can choose the pdf file in order to access the files in the PDF format in the safari browser.

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