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    Is it possible to arrange videos in iPad 3 according to artists?

    It is possible to sort videos in my iPhone by both artists and titles. But, there is only title option given for arranging videos. What should I do to sort them by artists?

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    arunwillbe1 Array
    Join Date
    Jun 2012

    Re: Is it possible to arrange videos in iPad 3 according to artists?

    Yes friend,

    It is possible to arrange the videos according to artists in your ipad 3.For this just implement the below instructions.

    +++ Steps to arrange videos in artists mode :

    1. First of all turn on the ipad 3 device.

    2. After turn on locate the videos in your ipad 3 device where it got stored.

    3. Now tap the options by pressing the options button on the ipad 3 screen.

    4. In options find and tap the sort option.

    5. After tapping you will see the different options like sort by artists or sort by track or sort by albums etc.

    6. Select the sort by artist and conform it.

    7. Now your videos are arranged in artists mode.

    Thank you......................

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    MAGGI Array
    Join Date
    Mar 2013

    Re: Is it possible to arrange videos in iPad 3 according to artists?

    Hello friend,,
    solution of your this problem is given below.....

    > restart the system and scan the memory of the system
    > after that enter in memory where your videos are present
    > now go on music setting option
    > here you finding a sorting option
    > in sorting option there are further many option like as a date, artist,and format
    > you only press on artist option now your all videos are sorted according to artist
    Thanks dear
    all the best

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    abhijeet2015 Array
    Join Date
    Oct 2012

    Re: Is it possible to arrange videos in iPad 3 according to artists?


    This can be done from the music player you had.
    So visit the player and then see its notification.
    Now see that you had set the player setting correctly.

    ** When you right click on opening the player you receive option of arrangement of view.
    ** Now you can select artist then you can see the arrangement in that view.
    ** So this is the only way of solving your problem.
    ** Here i have supposed that you use the default player of cell.
    ** But if you are using some other player then settings may differ.
    ** Other players can be downloaded from the app store.


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    m.h.narayana Array
    Join Date
    Jul 2012

    Re: Is it possible to arrange videos in iPad 3 according to artists?

    iends here you can have the simple stpes for that
    -->first ofall you have to tap on the home screen of your ipad.
    -->then you have to tap on the photos icon on home screen.
    -->then you have to tap on the videos option which is top of the page.
    -->then you will have the list of all of your device videos.
    -->then at right top corner side you will have the options.
    -->click on that options.
    -->then you will ahve the option named as settings just tap on that .
    -->then you can have the sort option just tap on that.
    -->then there after taping on that you will ahve the option to sort option by artists.
    finally click on save option to save the changes.

    thank you................

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