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    'Not Enough Storage' icon appears on my iPad 3

    I have an iPad 3 where i am facing a minor issue.Actually,it displays an error message 'Not Enough Storage' icon all the times.However when i try to access the 'Close' and 'Settings' links,none of them seems working.What should i do?

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    Re: 'Not Enough Storage' icon appears on my iPad 3

    hello friend ,

    yes my dear its just a simple problem that's may occurs many a time in iPad you must need to follow us by bellow steps or please catch the video stream provide by us for more help !

    1) dear its occur becoz of low space of memory in your iPad device

    2) the only solution to get rid off it to need delete some off unwanted app's from your iPad

    3) so first go to home menu of your iPad

    4) here now tap on the setting

    5) after it now please tap on memory and cache setting

    6) here please clear some memory to provide space for device

    Hope This Video May be Helps You :-

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