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    Not able to transfer video from JVC ex555 camera to an iPad 3

    I have purchased a JVC ex555 camera which has WiFi functionality as well. I am trying to transfer videos from this device to my iPad but it never completes. I have already connected the camera and the iPad. It performs the Transfer Operation without any issue but when i try to transfer any video, i get an error message "Cannot Read the connected media storage". What should i do?

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    nis_ipad Array
    Join Date
    Apr 2013

    Re: Not able to transfer video from JVC ex555 camera to an iPad 3

    Hi Friend,


    >>>Here is a solution for your problem

    >>>First of all go to camera

    >>>Then go to security now click on sharing

    >>>Now give the full access so that other device can read the data

    >>>Then perform the same operation as you was doing

    >>>Hope so this information helps you

    Thank You

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    arunwillbe1 Array
    Join Date
    Jun 2012

    Re: Not able to transfer video from JVC ex555 camera to an iPad 3

    Hi friend,

    Directly you can't transfer the videos from JVC camera to ipad 3 device.For this you should follow the certain procedure.Do the below steps to done this

    +++ Instructions to follow to transfer the videos from camera to ipad 3 :

    1. First of all take the memory card of camera and connect to computer.

    2. After recognizing transfer the all videos from camera memory card to computer.

    3. After transfer remove the connected camera memory card and connect the ipad 3 device to computer using the usb cable.

    4. Now locate the previously transferred videos where got stored in computer.

    5. Select the videos and tap the options by right click on mouse.

    6. In options find and place the cursor on send option.It will display the device connect to computer.

    7. Among this find and choose the ipad 3 device.

    8. After successful transfer disconnect the ipad 3 from computer and check videos transferred or not.

    That's it..

    Thank you.................

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