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    Not able to read mail in Mail app on iPad 2

    Hello sir, I have a problem in my iPad Mail box. Whenever I received a Mail in my Mailbox and going to open that, then during the mail reading I get an error message like “Message Domain Error-1032” and asked me for password. Can you please solve that problem?

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    abhinandan Array
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    Re: Not able to read mail in Mail app on iPad 2

    Dear User***********
    ++++++++++++Try this approach for this issue++++++++

    *********Now Connect your iPad 2 with the internet.

    *********Open its site and Download gmail app for ipad.

    *********Gmail app automatically installed during downloading it ask downloading place so provide location

    *********Open that app.

    *********now Log in with that app with correct email ID and password.

    *********now go to account setting

    *********click the contact & calender option on the screen.

    *********click on the mail accounts .

    *********click ‘fetch new data’ option on the screen.

    *********After that you have to find Manage Applications and tap on it

    *********This will bring up the list of all the applications on the screen

    *********Here you have to search for the Mail app

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    sumitnath Array
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    Re: Not able to read mail in Mail app on iPad 2

    Hi friends....

    Not able to read mail in Mail app on iPad 2

    Follow the steps below--

    -->Due to the mail app is corrupt

    -->Open the home page from the device .

    -->Click the menu option .

    -->Select the setting option .

    -->Go to the application option

    -->Followed by the manage app

    -->Open the mail app

    -->if the mail app is corrupt then uninstall it

    -->Connect the faster internet connection

    -->Download & reinstall the latest version .

    -->Finally solve the matter.

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    mr-brar Array
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    Re: Not able to read mail in Mail app on iPad 2

    Hello friend,

    1.First of all please go to the settings in your device,

    2.After this go to the general option,

    3.Then open the mails,contacts,calender option,

    4.Now log out the your mails account and restart your device,

    5.After this login your mails account and you read the emails normally,

    6.I hope this information use full to you,

    Thank you,

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    arunwillbe1 Array
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    Re: Not able to read mail in Mail app on iPad 2

    Hi friend,

    Don't worry for not able to read the mail in mail application on ipad 2 device.You can resolve this by following the below mentioned steps

    +++ Steps to follow to resolve the not able to read the mail from mail application in ipad 2 :

    1. First of all close the mail application and restart the ipad 2 device.

    2. Now enable the internet connection and check working properly or not.

    3. Now go to the settings and open the mail application.

    4. Here enter the login details and login to your account.

    5. After login to mail account go to left side of account and tap the inbox option.

    6. Here choose the mail which you want to open and single tap on it.

    That's it..Now your mail is opened successfully without error.

    Thank you...............

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    @@@@@@@ Array
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    Re: Not able to read mail in Mail app on iPad 2

    Dear Friend

    In order to Fix this Problem you have to Kindly follow the below steps

    <> You can go to click on the
    " Home " menu on ipad

    <> Then you must Enter in to the
    " Settings "

    <> Under the
    "General " you will find a " Mail ,Contacts and Calenders "

    <> There you have to
    "Delete " your Mail Account

    <> Now you can try to Come back to the
    "Safari Browser "

    <> After that you must
    Clear out all the Caches and Cookies from the Browser

    <> Finally you can again enter in to the
    "Mail ,Contacts and Calender " option

    Now you have to Enter with the Email Account and Now you will get solved the Problem which you have faced earlier

    That is all

    Good luck

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    somenath1011 Array
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    Re: Not able to read mail in Mail app on iPad 2


    Follow & try some steps:-

    1. First open the home screen.

    2. then go to the main menu option.

    3. Now click on the settings option.

    4. After select the general option.

    5. Then click on the mail, contacts and calender option.

    6. And now log-out your mails account.

    7. And last restart your device.

    Thanks & Enjoy.........................

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    rankers12 Array
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    Re: Not able to read mail in Mail app on iPad 2

    • May be the mail page is not loaded fully or there is also chance the non working of Internet.
    • So first fix the internet connection and then open the i pad settings.
    • Now locate the mail section.
    • Under you sign out from the mail account.
    • Now reboot the i Pad.
    • Again open the mail tab and logging into account and wait for properly opening of mail page.
    • Once it will loaded fully then you can able to see the mail.

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