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    Not able to purchase any apps in my iPad from the Apple store

    I want to buy apps from Apple Store in my iPad and I have sufficient amount too in my account but whenever I try to purchase some apps it says “Error or problem purchasing app”. What this is happening? Why I am getting the error? Can you please tell me the steps or settings to change in order to purchase the apps from my iPad?

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    Re: Not able to purchase any apps in my iPad from the Apple store

    If you want to Purchase the Applications from your ipad then follow the Steps :
    Go to the Apps store of your ipad.
    Then you should get into the Create Account option.
    You have to create that application account so that you can download any application and purchase the apps.
    You can purchase the apps from the store by entering the credit card details.
    So you can get the possible purchases of the apple store.

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