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    Not able to Play Games on iPad 2

    It seems that the matter is too much serious because i am not able to play any Games on my iPad 2. Earlier, I was able to play all Games without any issue. Now, taping doesn't seems working in case of games. Have you experienced this issue before? If yes, What have you done to fix this issue?

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    Re: Not able to Play Games on iPad 2

    The problem might be occurring because:-

    -The graphic drivers are not working fine.

    -RAM might not be enough to play.

    -The games may be corrupted.

    -The disk space it requires might not be present in your system.

    -Multiple apps might be running in the background.

    -Game booster is required.

    The solution to your problem is:-

    -Please check the graphics drivers are working fine.

    -Make sure the RAM is enough to play such games.

    -Make sure the game is not corrupted and you have installed it correctly.

    -Make sure the disk space it requires is available in your device.

    -Close all the unnecessary applications running in the background.

    -This can be done by opening task manager.

    -Then end the applications running in your system which are not necessary at that time.

    -Download the Advanced System Care from the official website of Iobit.

    -Turn on the Game booster option in it.

    -Restart the game.

    Your problem will be solved.

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