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    Not able to open ‘Calendar’ app properly on iPad 3

    When I tap on the ‘Calendar’ app icon on my iPad 3, the app will open with a blank page. Then, it will disappear immediately from the screen. In what way can I use that app properly?

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    Re: Not able to open ‘Calendar’ app properly on iPad 3

    Hello Dude ,,

    How are you ??


    Follow the below Instructions

    Open the Home page first

    Then go to the Settings

    After that tap on the " Mail... Contacts ... Calenders "

    Then you will be in to the Calendar app

    In the Calender dialogue ...tap to select the calendars you want

    <> All from my PC

    <> My calender

    <> On my ipad

    <> Birthdays ...etc.,

    Then tap on the DONE option

    That is it


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    Re: Not able to open ‘Calendar’ app properly on iPad 3

    hello friends..

    steps to resolve your problem:

    ## go to main menu

    ##click on settings

    ##click on applications

    ##click on manage apps

    ## select all tab

    ##click on Calender and click on clear the cache option

    # restart your device

    ##now your calender app will works finely

    these steps may helpful to you

    all the best

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