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    Not able to download Google app on iPad 2

    Hello sir, whenever I try to download Google app on iPad 2 from app store, it just gives me an error message as “Your request could not be completed”, and downloading process won’t starts. What did error meant? How can I fix it?

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    sumitnath Array
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    Re: Not able to download Google app on iPad 2

    Hi friends....

    Not able to download Google app on iPad 2

    Follow the steps below--

    -->Open the home page from the device .

    -->Click the menu option.

    -->Select the setting option.

    -->Followed by the application.

    -->Click the manage apps

    -->Open the Google apps.

    -->Clear the cache data & history.

    -->Remove the unwanted apps.

    -->Scan the device by the antivirus.

    -->If require then upgrade the operating system of the device.

    -->Then reset the all setting by the factory data reset option.

    -->update the Google app by the latest version.

    -->Also use the faster internet connection like 3G & need some balance for the accounts.

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    amit choubey Array
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    Re: Not able to download Google app on iPad 2


    Just make a ID on google apps or register then you are eligible for downloading.

    In your Ipad just do below steps-

    1-turn off your ipad and battery remove your ipad.

    2-just attech battery and start now.

    3-go to the main menu.

    4-Just look your Internet connection and turn off your bluetooth.

    5-register Google and download apps.

    Thank you
    all the best///////

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    Vampire Array
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    Re: Not able to download Google app on iPad 2


    +++ Follow this instructions to fix the snag +++

    > Firstly close all the apps and restart your device.

    > After restarting, Go to Settings option in main menu.

    > Then tab to Applications option.

    > Select Manage Application in that.

    > Click on App Store followed by All.

    > Clear all the cache and cookies.

    > After that, launch your Safari browser.

    > Then download the Google app from App Store.

    > That's it, you are done.

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    Ranjith1438 Array
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    Re: Not able to download Google app on iPad 2

    Hai,Follow there problems o solve your problem:--->First of all restart your device,-->After restart tap on the main menu then goto settings option,-->Then manage application option,-->Then click on app store,-->After this clear all cache and cookies,-->After there process launch Safari browser and search google app.It's done.

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