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    Name some best cases available for iPad Mini?

    I bought new iPad Mini for myself which is working quite fine. I need a case for this device. Can anyone suggest some best cases available?

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    Re: Name some best cases available for iPad Mini?

    ipad Mini smart cover it is about 39$ and available in different colours
    Speck Smart Shell case it cost 34$
    Sena Ultra Slim Case 49.9$
    BookBook 69.99$
    RokformRok shield60$
    Griffin Intelli case for ipad mini 40$
    PADACS EnduroMini Power packcase 60$
    Lioncase Folio Shield 32$
    iGuy for ipad Mini 30$
    ipad Mini Ballistic smooth series case 40$
    ipad mini smart cover 40$
    There are some other cases available for ipad Mini.

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