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    My iPad 2 is not connecting to my WiFi

    I have an iPad 2 which always worked fine for me. I was also able to connect the device via WiFi. Due to some issue, I have deleted most of the data. After a fresh start, my iPhone 4 is not able to connect to WiFi. Do you know, What is causing this issue?

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    nandu521 Array
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    Re: My iPad 2 is not connecting to my WiFi

    i can solve your problem by saying some 7 simple steps to connect ipad to WiFi.

    1) From the ipad's Homescreen,tap Settings. (This assumes you didn't rearrange your apps. If you did,find the settings icon whereever you put it.)

    2) In the settings screen, tap Network.

    3) To start the ipad scanning for available wireless networks, tap WiFi button and then slide the slider to "on".In a few seconds, you'll see a list of all the networks near you, whether they're public or private (if you don't see the list, there may not be any within range).

    4) The list of WiFi networks you'll see will include two kindsublic and private. Private networks have a lock icon next to them; Public don't. The bars next to each network indicate the strength of the connection- more bars means a faster connection.

    5) To connect a public network, just tap the network name and you'll be online.

    6) If you want to access a private network, you'll need a password. Assuming you've got the password, tap the network name and enter it the password. Then tap the "join" button at the bottom right of the screen. If your password is correct, you'll connect to the network and be surfing the web. If not, try entering it again (assuming you've got the right one,of course).

    7) Advanced users can click the arrow to the right of the network to access more technical configuration settings. Everyday users probably won't need to look at these options.
    Thank You.

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    venki Array
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    Re: My iPad 2 is not connecting to my WiFi

    hello friends..

    this problem will be raised due to following reason:

    1)due to phone network settings problem.

    to solve the above said problem read the following steps.

    ##first of all,turn of wi-fi.

    ##then,go to main menu

    ##then,go to settings tab

    ##then,go to restore option

    ##then,select reset all settings

    ##it will delete all old network settings and update with new settings.
    ##now turn of wi-fi and connect the internet without any problem

    i hope these steps may solve your problem

    all the best

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    Re: My iPad 2 is not connecting to my WiFi

    ++++++++++++Try this process for this issue++++++++

    **********open the home page from the menu option.

    **********click the menu option.

    **********select the setting option.

    **********click the wireless & network option.

    **********click the notification bar .

    **********open the WIFI option.

    **********to active it enter the password .

    **********after complete the WIFI setting page showing you all the possible access points in range.

    **********connect to any point just by tapping on the appropriate link.

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    mr-brar Array
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    Re: My iPad 2 is not connecting to my WiFi

    Hello friend,

    Follow these setup and you use the wifi normally in your device,

    1.First of all open the >settings,

    2.After this go to the >General option

    3.Then open the >reset settings option

    4.Now reset all the >settings

    5.After this >turn on wifi and connect network and you use the normally,

    6.I hope this information use full to you,

    Thank you,

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    arunwillbe1 Array
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    Re: My iPad 2 is not connecting to my WiFi

    Hi friend,

    Don't worry for ipad 2 not connecting to wifi.Due to some common reasons you are facing this issue.Follow the below steps to resolve the ipad 2 not connecting to wifi network issue

    +++ Instructions to follow to resolve the ipad 2 not connecting to wifi network :

    1. First of all close the all apps and force restart the device.

    2. Now go to the main menu and tap the settings icon.

    3. In settings you will see the many options. Among this find and tap the wifi feature.

    4. Now refresh the wifi network until the wifi network available.

    5. After appear select the wifi network and tap the connection option.

    6. If it ask to enter the password to connect to wifi network then enter it.

    That's it..Even if unable to connect then reset the wifi settings and set again.

    Thank you.............

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    @@@@@@@ Array
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    Re: My iPad 2 is not connecting to my WiFi

    Hello dear Aspirant

    For sure I will provide you the solution for your Issue and you can go through the below steps once

    Definitely you will get out of the issue

    Make sure to Check you are Either far from the Router or not

    If it is the reason then you must as close as possible

    After that you can also Try to " Reboot " the device safely before get in to the Actual process

    <> First thing you will need to do is Click on the "Home " menu

    <> There by you have to Tap on the "Settings "

    <> Now you will find a "Wifi " and After Tap on it you can see the "Turn OFF /On " options

    <> You can Change from ON to OFF and then OFF to On

    <> It will clear out Most of the issues

    If you still have a Problem then you can Check the Password Once if it might be the Reason

    That is all

    It was pleasure to you

    Good luck

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    Re: My iPad 2 is not connecting to my WiFi

    Hi friends....

    My iPad 2 is not connecting to my WiFi

    Follow the steps below--

    -->Due to the WIFI signal problem
    -->Due to the WIFI setting problem
    -->Due to the internet connection

    -->Open the home page from the device .

    -->Click the menu option .

    -->Select the setting option .

    -->Click the wireless & connection option .

    -->Followed by the WIFI setting .

    -->Click the reset option .

    -->Then reset option .

    -->Check the internet connection

    -->Use the faster internet connection like 3G for better service .

    -->Check the WIFI signal problem.

    -->Also enter the proper password for connect the WIFI.

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    rkv Array
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    Re: My iPad 2 is not connecting to my WiFi

    dear friend
    it is not big proble so please try thse step
    First of all open the setting
    And then go to the general option
    Then open the reset setting option
    Now reset all the setting
    Now turn on WIFI connect network and you can use
    i hope your problem will be solved by any issue ,,,,,,

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    somenath1011 Array
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    Re: My iPad 2 is not connecting to my WiFi


    Follow & try some steps:-

    then,go to main menu

    1. First open the home screen.

    2. Then go to main menu option.

    3. Now click on the settings option.

    4. Then go to the restore option.

    5. After select reset all the settings.

    6. Then remove all the old network settings.

    7. And update the new settings.

    8. Now last turn of Wi-Fi & connect your internet connection.

    Thanks & Enjoy.........................

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    Re: My iPad 2 is not connecting to my WiFi

    Follow the following steps as shown below :-i)Go to "Home screen" on your device.ii)Click on "Menu" icon.iii)Select & tap on "Settings" option.iv)Now tap on "Wireless & Networks" option .v)Then choose "Wi fi setting " option.vi)In that locate & tap on "Reset" option.*Points to be note*i)Use faster internet connection.ii)Check your wifi signal & also enter right password.

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